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Starting at the bottom, most recent at the top.

30 Weeks

29 Weeks

28 Weeks

27 weeks

26 Weeks

25 Weeks

24 Weeks

23 Weeks

22 Weeks

21 Weeks

20 Weeks

19 Weeks

18 Weeks

17 Weeks

16 Weeks

15 Weeks

14 Weeks and rolling over and waving at the camera

14 Weeks and Emby is sucking it's thumb

14 Weeks

13 Weeks

12 Weeks

Emby at 11 Weeks 1 day

11 Weeks

10 Weeks

9 Weeks

7 weeks 3 days

13 DPO. Definitely positive

12 DPO. Getting darker

11 DPO. Very faint line

Emby just started to divide to 8 cells

Second cycle egg retrieval, with Blaze the dragon for good luck.

First embryo. Chemical pregnancy but BFN

Pre-surgery for my first egg retrieval cycle

Pre-IVF belly. Goodbye waistline


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