Today’s numbers look promising. Our doctor counted 6 follicles on one side and 5 on the other that were of egg producing size. There were also a few smaller ones which could mature over the next few days. So fingers crossed, we’re looking at around 11 eggs.
The doctor wants to wait one more day before the retrieval, which will now I take the trigger shot on Tuesday for retrieval surgery on Thursday. And I get back one hopefully healthy embryo on Saturday. Then we wait…


I had my final blood test for the past cycle yesterday and got results today.
27 down to 7 and now finally back to negative. We’re clear for me to go ahead with the next cycle.
As the nurses keep telling us, I can get pregnant, we just have to get the right embryo.
With our next pay we’ll have enough in savings to pay for the next cycle. So fingers crossed for sometime around October 14th when AF is due.

We got my test results back this morning.

27! WTF???

As the nurse explained, less than 2 is a negative result. More than 100 is a definite possitive. 27 is a shade of grey that requires another blood test on Monday.
MONDAY! I have to wait longer? Nooooooo!

So it may have implanted late, it may not have implanted properly, but it did try to implant.

Lawyer has promised me that she will gladly wait on me hand and foot all weekend.

So now we wait a little longer.

No matter which light or which angle I look at the strip, there is still only one line on it.
Try again tomorrow.

I’ve realised how much of a pain it is to keep changing passwords for each post. So the one for the last post will be the one I keep using.

Email me if you want it.  geeknlawyer at adam dot com dot au

The results are in. It’s a negative result which is positive for us.
Last hurdle, we just need to get it rubber stamped to go ahead.

Maybe this is why we’re not pregnant yet. I just can’t get the sperm to go the right way.


I’ve been playing for the last half hour and I still can’t get out of the vag!

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