The Journey

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Hard to believe that C is already a month old.

Sleeping on her play mat

Geek and C

Lawyer, C and Frankie

Hooked up to be monitored to confirm labour

Family Photo

Our little girl

41 week belly!!!

Lawyer watching over

Going home from Hospital

I woke up this morning at 6:30am with a low strong period type cramp, didn’t think much of it because my hips were also aching from sleeping in the same position all night, and went back to sleep for a bit before Lawyer’s alarm went off for work.

7:30 I had another one, and then for the next 40 minutes while I listened to Lawyer go through her morning routine for work I had another 4. Just as she was about to start getting ready to dress for work I told her not to bother, call in to work with a wife in labour.

The contractions have been constant, crampy but irregular. I’ll get 4-5 at 10 minutes apart and then nothing for over half an hour.

We’ve gone for a walk around our neighbourhood, weeded the front garden, and currently I’m sitting on my exercise ball going through my MP3 collection for a variety of songs I might want to listen to in labour.

Just waiting for things to properly kick off, but it looks like things are starting to move slowly.

Well I made it to my due date and I also had a pants-off OB appointment. My first one since the IVF clinic stopped using dildo-cam :-S

She said that I am 1cm dilated and that my cervix is nice and soft. Yay!!! Labour should kick off naturally within the next 4-5 days. And if not then Emby has an eviction notice for the 31st of July, but she doesn’t expect to it come to that.

I’ve been having a few more slightly stronger crampy type Braxton-Hicks, but nothing that noticeable as a contraction. They make me pause and ask Lawyer ‘I think I’m having one, I’m not sure’ and she races off to find where she left the PDA with the contraction timing software. The only thing the software is telling us is that they are damned irregular, although they may be helping that 1cm move to 2cm without the need for painful contractions.

I’ve also noticed that the bum lump of Emby is suddenly a lot lower today and breathing is suddenly a lot more unrestricted. It probably explains why I’m suddenly hungry and able to eat a normal sized meal again.

Wow! This is actually happening. Pretty damned soon we’re going to have a real live baby!

The good news that came through was that sometime on Thursday our state Parliment passed a law that will allow Lawyer to be on Emby’s birth certificate. We are both legally, 100% going to be parents to this little baby!

The law still has to be signed off by the governor and then gets enacted, but another small step forward has been made for same-sex families. Woohoo!

Lawyer and I decided that to mark our 4th Wedding Anniversary and celebrate our impending leap into parenthood that we’d get away and have some pampering. We got away to a fantastic little gay friendly B&B in the middle of the wine region that also has a lot of good produce.

There are very few words to describe how relaxing it was to get away and do nothing much, so here are the photos.

Lunch at the Blessed Cheese cafe, corn fritters and a spinach and feta tart.

Warming our toes by the open log fire

Spa bath with sparkling dark grape juice

Looking out at the Alexandrina Cheese Co and all their cows

Lunch at the Cheese Co with some Gouda with caraway seeds, Cheddar, Feta and some pickled items

At the breakfast table in our room

26 week belly

And I’ve updated the belly shots and a few more Emby scan photos over on the Photographic Timeline page.

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