Shout Out

I’ve got my fingers crossed and sending sticky vibes to a woman at work who is currently going through her second IVF cycle. Like us, her first cycle was bust with nothing in the deep freeze for round two. This time with different drugs, growth hormones and a lot of good luck she got the same amount of eggs, but of better quality. So far one has been transferred, four are frozen and her clinic is waiting on one more to mature a bit more to see if it is of freezable quality.

She’s been really open about the whole process her and her fiancee are going through and we’ve spend probably way too much work time discussing medications, cycles, eggs, sperm and other IVF stuff. It feels really good to be able to discuss this openly with someone else, especially since during our IVF cycle we were quite worried to let anyone know what was happening before we could give a definite positive answer.

So sticky vibes to C at work and her 5 day old blastocyst, and here’s hoping that in two weeks time I can say I’ve got another Belly Buddy.

Blaze wearing the Lucky Clover beanie I made for C's upcoming IVF cycle.

In the mean time, suffering from a cold with little medication I can take is making me feel miserable… and now Lawyer has sucumbed to my lurgy too. The only good thing has been having 4 days of couch time, rewatching Glee and knitting while getting kitty cuddles.


Two BFPs so far this month… something good must be in the air.

Desperately Seeking Baby have had success with number 2.

And after only following their blog for a few months Make It So Number One have got a good result too.

Us? Well I’ve started my new job, and then got a call to finalise police checks and such for the permanent role I wanted. I think I’m last (wo)man standing! And we’ve been over to Melbourne IVF and have all sorts of updates… if/when I get time.

Congrats to 2 Girls, 2 Dogs, 2 Cats for adding 2 positive pregnancy testing sticks to the mix.

Congratulations to Puffer and Chicken on their two little fishes born on the 21st.

Congrats to the gals over at Gayby Rabies who have just had twins confirmed. Although not the original suspected triplets, it’s still a fantastic outcome. Keep that heartrate beating strong!

Their news of possibly ending up with triplets from IVF got me worried. What if it happens to us? Instant medium sized family but woah! the stretch marks!

Again, one couple loses and another couple gets. What a strange blogging world.

Sadly Tbean over at Looking for a Little Turtle was unable to maintain her pregnancy. Best wishes ladies and don’t give up, your turtle is out there.

Happily though there is a Bao in the Oven. Congrats to the mother and the other.

Fingers cross over at Looking for a Little Turtle. Tbean is still counting her pregnancy in 2 digits worth of hours, but hopefully they have a Turtle.

And Lawyer has had a promotion at work to higher duties for 6 months. She’s really excited about the career move, but it does mean that now I’m working right in the city within a 2 minutes walk from her, she’s now moving 5 minutes further away. Pay wise it’s pretty exciting. We’ve jumped up a pay bracket, and we’re still both under 30. First we pay for baby making goods, finish paying the car loan and then save for a new bathroom. New bathroom must be in before I’m pregnant because I’m not doing it without a decent tub to soak in.

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