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For those just floating by without the password, while we’ve been absent we sold our house and have bought another.
We’re currently waiting to move. Contracts signed, finance has just been finalised and now the new owner of our house has decided he wants to do a few things before moving in. Originally we were fine with that because we had to extend the settlement date because of problems with our finance.
The new owner is now taking advantage of this and making all sorts of demands, like letting him in to our house early to repaint C’s room because of a big green stripe in he room that goes with her wall stickers (which come with us), putting up expensive blinds to replace the ones I made for C’s room, and letting potential tenant through after he’s made comments about how we keep our house.
I got really annoyed at a man who mostly works away from home and has teenage and adult children complaining about how I keep my house when I have a whirlwind toddler and I work part time.
Originally we said yes to the tenants looking through but if he’s going to complain about our housekeeping then we’re going to put a stop to it all and he won’t get access to our house until legally it is his and the title is handed over.

Although my heart is already in the new house. There are so many things were just waiting to do until the new house. Starting a healthier eating plan, getting the vegetable patch going, buying C some outdoor play equipment so she can enjoy the nice spring weather.
So now I just pack this place up and make plans on Pinterest. A friend sent this which I have to make for C in the new place: http://mistyhorizon2003.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-grow-your-child-a-living-den-or-playhouse

Never before have I wanted a weekend to be over so quickly.

I’m not feeling too hopeful on this cycle. I don’t want to get my hopes up on a very slim chance that it has worked only to have them dashed again. It doesn’t feel like I’m pregnant anyway, apart from in the morning not really feeling like eating too much. But then I’ve never been big on breakfast. Still we’re taking precautions just in case.

This has meant that despite killer period cramps the strongest I was able to take was paracetamol, which didn’t touch the side of it. The cramps and clots went on two days longer than normal, which will probably mean my iron levels are going to be a bit low right now. Any excuse for a big chocolately Milo drink though.

Last weekend on the spur of the moment Lawyer bought me the chickens she promised me for anniversary gifts since we moved into our own home. Now that we’ve got the pen and my old girls settled it was about time to get some more. They are loving their new yard, even if the older girls aren’t being as friendly to them as they settle. But it does mean that bugs and weeds are fast being eaten. After two weeks of resting I just wanted to get outside and enjoy a rare day of sunlight. So I pulled out weeds and Lawyer carted the wheel barrow up and down to the chicken’s yard. It still has a lot to go, but we started.

We then spent the evening watching football. Our AFL team made it to the semi-finals again. They haven’t had a grand-final win since 1954… and after last nights loss, this year isn’t their year either. But Lawyer is drafting up a pattern for a baby jumper in our team’s colours and with the logo. I’ll be making the pants, and probably some matching mittens and booties too. Yes, our future kids wardrobe of knitted items is growing, and it’s making me feel like I’m doing something for our baby, because resting is just getting boring and frustrating.

Today will be a distraction of Roller Derby practise and more gardening. I’m debating whether to do a pee test tonight or tomorrow morning before our blood test.

We’re only 6 weeks away from our first IVF cycle and are realising that our waiting is almost over… and that there were a few things that we wanted to have done or try to achieve before I’m pregnant.

  • Break my caffeine addiction – today is day one
  • Get better stomach muscles… or at least try and get rid of some of the podgy belly and do more crunches.
  • Get into a cleaning routine- Lawyer and I have successfully managed to keep our clothes picked up around the house and put the dishes in the dishwasher every day this week. We’re taking small steps
  • Routinely go to bed before midnight and try and get more sleep
  • Bug bomb the 3rd bedroom to get rid of the wool eating bugs before it becomes the nursery
  • Knit more from the stash so it takes up less space and can move it from the 3rd bedroom/nursery to the study
  • Fix up the front garden beds
  • Drink or give away the shelf of wine in the pantry that we seem to have collected over the years. Don’t ask me why people give us bottles of wine as gifts when we’re not wine drinkers.
  • Eat CHEEEEEEESE. Brie, Camembert, Blue Vein, Goats cheese. I love it all, and will miss it when pregnant.
  • Get a quote to fix our bathroom so we can get the work started once I’m pregnant and the Medicare rebate money has come back.

Trying to work out what else we need to do. The wait has been killing me, but that list makes me realise we’ve got so much to do still.

I love the concept of Earth Hour. I love that such a simple idea from Australia has taken off as a world-wide concept. I love that so many people and big industries are taking on the message and turning off their lights.

I had been planning a fantastic dinner party idea, was going to invite friends and make it into a whole evening. But Lawyer got sick with a pretty nasty cold that has been hanging around for over 10 days now, and now I’ve got it. Glad I never got around to inviting people.

So we turned off the lights, unplugged almost everything at the powerpoint (the fridge got a reprieve because I don’t want melted ice-cream or more lumpy milk) and broke out the candles and board games. Lawyer has been itching to use the chess set I got her for our anniversary, so I let her whoop my arse at a game of chess. I managed to survive for 45 minutes, and took a few of her powerful pieces, but in the end I was cornered and died a slow and painful death. I am not a chess player. I’m lucky if I can see two moves ahead. After my defeat we decided to spend another hour in the dark and play Monopoly.

Before Earth Hour we ran through the Footprint Calculator. It would take 2.3 Earths to sustain my lifestyle if everyone lived like me. (Lawyer got 2.4). I thought that was kinda scary since we live a fairly green life already. We’re both vegetarian so we cut down a lot of emissions there. We shop at a fruit and vegie shop that sources its vegetables mostly from local farmers. Our power bill is surprisingly low for a detatched house, and our house is double brick with great insulation so we cut down the need for a lot of heating and cooling. Our car more often sits in the driveway and we’ll catch the bus to work every day- this makes sense since we live on a great bus route and just off the O-Bahn bus system which takes us 25 minutes to get to the city rather than 40 minutes via car. And we seem to throw out more in recycleable waste than actual rubbish, plus I compost our food scraps… or feed them to the dog, and we have two rainwater tanks- one for drinking water and the other for the garden. I know we could be greener if we used solar power, particularly for hot water and if we sourced our groceries locally too, not just our produce. But it’s scary how wasteful the western lifestyle is.

Next year, hopefully when fat and pregnant, I plan to host an Earth Hour party. Candles, board games, live music on our piano, vegan food (I was thinking raw vegan but that might be too much for some of our carnivore friends) and maybe afterwards sitting outside with the brazier for some fire staring.

We had our ‘ex-neighbours soon to be near-by neighbours again’ come over this morning with their 4 month old son and some paperwork for their mortgage that needed witnessing. They were running on baby time so Lawyer’s normal Saturday morning sleep-in was cancelled so we could quickly vac the house, bake some scones and be awake and coherent for when they turned up at 9am.

After they were gone it left me feeling awake and energised, and ready to do loads of things around the house. For some reason I started on the bookshelf. Two hours later I had bought in 5 boxes of books that had been stored in the garage since we moved here 18 months ago, and 3 boxes of books had been pulled off the shelves to donate to charity.

My parents dropped by and mentioned they would be going by their local church and could drop Lawyer’s old clothes into the St Vinnies bin. Bye bye big clothes.

By 3pm today we had donated 4 bags of clothing and 3 boxes of books and got them out of our lives. It felt good.

And I’m not talking about the good karma you get for giving your unwanted things to charity. It felt good to get that much clutter and unwanted goods out of our house. But it did make me realise, that two hoarding pack-rats like us have 4 months to get the house cleaned, unpack everything from when we moved, unpack/throw-out all our childhood clutter, reduce what we don’t want, and basically try and organise things.

I’m assuming when nesting kicks in that I’ll probably wish I could drag in men with the word crew on their shirts and TV cameras and get a whole house make-over done, or at least turn the guest room/wool room/junk room into something that could sleep a baby, but it is going to be so much easier to do it if we have a lot less junk in the house to organise. Which is why I’m wanting to do the big clean now rather than when I’m 8 months fat and pregnant sitting in the middle of the room directing Lawyer to clean while balling my eyes out about how I want it all to be perfect and it’s too late to rip up the carpet and paint the walls…

So far we’ve thrown out of our lives 4 bags of clothes, 3 boxes of books… and I’m about to throw out an A4 box of old letters, junk mail, uni notes and random papers into the recycling bin. I’m keeping tally and hopefully will see the difference.

I think part of my recent grumpy has been to do with the long hours I spend inside every day without a window, missing out on days of beautiful sun-shine, sweet blossom filled air and the sounds of baby birds in nests. I needed a break!

So this weekend we had nothing planned, I got out my gardening jeans (the ones with the huge tear beside the zipper), my shovel and fork and spent time in the garden building up my stores of vitamin D.

Ahh, sunlight my friend. Where have you been!

Cucumber seedlings

Cucumber seedlings

The radish thief stealing a ripe radish!

The radish thief stealing a ripe radish!

Apricot Blossom

Apricot Blossom

I love having our own house, with our own backyard for me to do whatever I want with the garden. Wait until I show off the pictures of what I did to the front lawn!

Milo Twining Trees Vest

Milo Twining Trees Vest

When I haven’t been inside I’ve been getting the final knit done for the two babies due soon. This top is for Kim and Rob’s baby, and we’ll be giving it to them at their baby shower is on the upcoming weekend. It would have to be my favourite knitted item of recent, and Kim being a crafty person does appreciate the time and work that goes into a handmade item.

The cabled trees will definitely have to be made again. I love how the branches work together, two inter-twining as one.

My best-friend is 2 weeks from her due date and her OB is looking to induce her, simply because of existing health issues, the size of the baby and the OB would rather a slightly early natural birth than an on time cesarean. As would my friend. She wants to be awake for the whole thing… well so she says at the moment. She’s off to see her OB and they’ll be finding out then if she’ll be induced tomorrow. I can’t believe its come around so soon.

Bedsocks with puff paint feet

Bedsocks with puff paint feet

She mentioned the other week that someone told her your feet get very cold during childbirth, so she wanted to knit herself a pair of bed socks, but wasn’t sure if she’d get them done in time. 8 ply wool, large needles, quickly made socks. And puff paint on the soles  for grip so there is no going AOT* on the hospital lino floor.

I’m making sure I have enough knitted goodies to go in her baby gift bag. Whipped up a quick beanie this evening. See how many more things I get done before I get that SMS to say baby born at…

*AOT= ar$e over t!t

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