I love our knitting group. They are a fantastic group of women who have become people I would consider friends. We meet up once a week at a local cafe in the city centre for dinner, drinks and to sit and knit. Lawyer and I are by no means the youngest, and the oldest in the groups is um… possibly around mid 40s. It’s not an old nannas group sitting around complaining of the youngsters of today while making doilies and coat hanger covers.

Lawyer and I have always been open about who we are and everyone has been really supportive, a few came along to our wedding and one new person who started talking politics and saying how gay marriage should not be a priority was very quickly made feel she wasn’t welcome back by the rest of the group. They’ve known for a while we’ve been on the baby making journey and were very excited when we were finally able to tell them we’re pregnant.

To understand this tale a bit better, Lawyer and I are not gifted with great height. I’m 161cm and Lawyer 163cm. The other week we were talking about the baby and some of the scans we’d had. Lawyer mentioned how during the scans the OB told us Emby had very long legs. One of the ladies looked at both of us and asked “where would the baby get that height from given both of your heights?” It wasn’t until we mentioned that our donor is quite tall that they remembered that genetically there is another person involved. I love how these friends see that this child is truly Lawyer’s and mine.  I hope they realise we think that it’s a fantastic mistake they made.


Overalls made from Lawyer's handspun yarn- made by Lawyer

Top with the logo of Lawyer's football team- made by Lawyer

Rainbow jacket- made by Geek

A new friend for Blaze made by one of the girls from Roller Derby




I think I felt Emby last night and it was so cool. I was laying on my back for a moment and I had my hand on my belly trying to work out where my uterus was and how high. I pressed down a little and felt something that felt a bit like gas, but didn’t roll around my stomach or shift position like gas normally does. This went on for about a minute or so. Of course the feeling is so delicate and fine that other movement in the bed from when I told Lawyer (who got really excited- she’s so sweet) meant I lost the feeling and had to wait for her to be still again before I could find it again. After the excitement died down and we settled back to sleep I told Lawyer that it must have been Emby because I still hadn’t farted yet 😉

One thing I’ve noticed so far with pregnancy is that its all about the bodily functions. Every doctor I see what’s to ask me about my bladder and my bowels (even the physio!) But even when talking to the other preggo girls at Roller Derby (there are 3 others joining me on the sidelines so far) we discuss how many times a night we have to pee, talk about our gas (okay, the whole league is very open about women burping and farting in public- it’s very refreshing) and discuss the best way to get rid of constipation. Last week I had the worst constipation, and got to the point of posting about it on facebook. Everyone had a solution or a story to share. I guess there is no limit to decency. For me I found that powdered fibre drink, and then eating half a packet of prunes got things moving again!

Although the constipation is probably related to me not having much of an apetitite. Normally I want to eat anything I can, food is my constant friend, and with a nice metabolism I can pack it away. But ever since I got pregnant and the morning sickness has cleared I haven’t really wanted to eat. Some days I’m hungry, but most of the time I don’t know what I want to eat and end up forcing myself to eat something. But when I do think of food the one thing that I’ve constantly been thinking about is Asian food. Spring rolls, dumplings, noodles loaded with vegetables, fried rice and rice paper rolls. Lawyer and I went to the most fantastic little Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from Roller Derby training and the smells and the foods bought me back to primary school, where there were at least 5-8 vietnamese children in each year level, and their parents always made the best food for our school fetes. My stomach wants to go back again. In the  mean time I’ve learnt how to make gyozas and gone through a packet of wonton wrappers already.

As promised I’ve got some photos too. I finally set up my scanner and old laptop (I’m too cheap to buy a new scanner when the old one works with my Windows 98 laptop) and scanned in all the US photos. I’ve updated the Photographic Timeline page too with belly shots.

Emby 14 weeks and sucking his/her thumb

16 Weeks

And with Lawyer’s sister turning up soon for a visit we had to clean up the guest room for it to be used the last time as a guest room before it becomes a nursery. Of course all the cute little outfits we’ve made so far got photographed and packed into a box. Here are just some of them (we are creating a whole wardrobe for our winter baby):

Jenny Dolly modelling the Zebra baby jacket- made by Lawyer

Gumnut beanie made from hand dyed wool- made by Geek

Bunny Baby Onesie- made by Lawyer

Baby Kicking Sack- made by Geek

I finally got the camera out and took a few photos from how we kept ourselves occupied and distracted during our first cycle, especially with all the travelling we had to do.

A lot of these items have wool hanging off and still need sewing up, or finishing.

Geek- Double Wing Maternity Top for me

Geek- Lambs Wool Nappy Cover

Geek- Blue baby pants and half finished jumper

Lawyer- Bunny Onesie

Lawyer- Roller Derby Team Zebra Jacket

Lawyer- Western Bulldog Jumper (our AFL team)

Having fun making all these items, and hoping that our children will be the right size when the weather is right for all these clothes.

No news on the job front yet. Still impatiently waiting. I’ve had 5 job interviews, another on Tuesday, and on Friday I had a call back for a second interview with a job interview I had on Monday. I’m very hopeful with this one and I really want it. It’s exactly the type of job I’m looking for, a bit of helpdesk, a bit of desktop support, a bit of project work, and I’ll be working with my type of people- other computer geeks. And it’s with a company that makes and installs solar panels so it’s something I can feel good about working for.

I can imagine this is how the TWW will be, but at least you know how long that is. It’s only two weeks. I could get a job tomorrow, or I could get one in three weeks. The uncertainty is driving me batty. Lawyer had to deal with my tears and grumpiness on Tuesday. I spent the day at home playing computer games all day. No cleaning, no cooking… I think I may have gone outside to water the vegie patch and get the post. Even indulging in some trashy TV and watching Oprah, Dr Phil and Judge Judy didn’t appeal.

At least there is something in the future to look forward to. We’ve got a day of appointments with Melbourne IVF on the 15th. We see the counsellor, my treating gyno in Melbourne, the clinic nurses and of course the accountants. I want to turn up with some good questions to ask, but I have no idea what to ask. I’ve been told we’ll be doing ICSI cycles. The big one for me is how much time off work and in Melbourne will it involve. I can’t really tell a new employer that I need to take a few days off once a month to fly to Melbourne and try and get pregnant, but I also don’t want to wait another year. As Lawyer so kindly pointed out I’m turning 30 next year (okay, so I’m turning 30 on the 30th of December, but it is still technically next year). I guess we just have to wait and see what the doctors say about time needed in Melbourne each month.

On the positive side, since we’re flying over and spending some time in doctor’s waiting rooms I’ll have a bit of time for some pregnancy knitting. We can now knit on planes in Australia. Woot! I figured that I should so some maternity knitting since 1) I’ll need maternity clothes before I need baby clothes 2) I expect my knitting energy to drop off during pregnancy 3) I’ll keep the small items for later on when my concentration levels go out the window.
I’ve been saving up some pretty cool looking maternity patterns on Ravelry (it’s FaceBook for knitters- just awesome) but now I get it knit them I don’t know which one to choose.

Here are some of my choices:




Hug Me

I have some beautiful yarn I dyed myself to make Margot or Maude, some of the yarn I got from our honeymoon in  New Zealand can use be for Shalom or Hug Me. However Lawyer was really eyeing off Maude when I asked her opinion on projects as it will make her waist look small and her boobs enormous. None of these are maternity tops, however I can forgo the waist shaping on Margot, Maude is ribbed so it should give me a lot more stretch, and of course Shalom and Hug Me just ignore any belly anyway. Bah, decissions.

As promised, pictures of our entries into the Feast Show.

Lawyer's Scarf

Lawyer's Cable Beanie

Lawyer's Travelling Cable Socks

Geek's Rainbow Mushroom Rattle

Geek's Alpaca Alpaca Beanie

Geek's Derby Socks for Lawyer

Geek's Christmas Stocking

Geek's Twining Trees Baby Vest (yes, for us)

Yes, it’s a lazy post. Nothing much has happened on the baby front, but work and Roller Derby has been keeping us from our computers.

Good news though, Lawyer passed the Derby skills test and is in the league. I’m so proud of her!

I think part of my recent grumpy has been to do with the long hours I spend inside every day without a window, missing out on days of beautiful sun-shine, sweet blossom filled air and the sounds of baby birds in nests. I needed a break!

So this weekend we had nothing planned, I got out my gardening jeans (the ones with the huge tear beside the zipper), my shovel and fork and spent time in the garden building up my stores of vitamin D.

Ahh, sunlight my friend. Where have you been!

Cucumber seedlings

Cucumber seedlings

The radish thief stealing a ripe radish!

The radish thief stealing a ripe radish!

Apricot Blossom

Apricot Blossom

I love having our own house, with our own backyard for me to do whatever I want with the garden. Wait until I show off the pictures of what I did to the front lawn!

Milo Twining Trees Vest

Milo Twining Trees Vest

When I haven’t been inside I’ve been getting the final knit done for the two babies due soon. This top is for Kim and Rob’s baby, and we’ll be giving it to them at their baby shower is on the upcoming weekend. It would have to be my favourite knitted item of recent, and Kim being a crafty person does appreciate the time and work that goes into a handmade item.

The cabled trees will definitely have to be made again. I love how the branches work together, two inter-twining as one.

My best-friend is 2 weeks from her due date and her OB is looking to induce her, simply because of existing health issues, the size of the baby and the OB would rather a slightly early natural birth than an on time cesarean. As would my friend. She wants to be awake for the whole thing… well so she says at the moment. She’s off to see her OB and they’ll be finding out then if she’ll be induced tomorrow. I can’t believe its come around so soon.

Bedsocks with puff paint feet

Bedsocks with puff paint feet

She mentioned the other week that someone told her your feet get very cold during childbirth, so she wanted to knit herself a pair of bed socks, but wasn’t sure if she’d get them done in time. 8 ply wool, large needles, quickly made socks. And puff paint on the soles  for grip so there is no going AOT* on the hospital lino floor.

I’m making sure I have enough knitted goodies to go in her baby gift bag. Whipped up a quick beanie this evening. See how many more things I get done before I get that SMS to say baby born at…

*AOT= ar$e over t!t

Yep, I have discovered that this week I am one week pregnant. My egg is still unfertilised, but according to the way the age of a pregnancy is calculated I am one week pregnant since my period was last week. See what happens in 3 weeks time though…
This discovery came about after talking to a close friend who is coming up to 34 weeks. An acquaintance of theirs is going around telling everyone she is 3 weeks pregnant, and that a pregnancy test has confirmed it. So either she’s going from the wrong date and is actually 5 weeks, she’s gone to extraordinary lengths to find out, or she’s talking out her ar$e. My friend suspects the latter, particularly as this pregnancy, if it exists, was unplanned. So we realised that even though there is no chance of egg and sperm meeting this month, I technically am 1 week pregnant.

Baby Surprise Jacket

Baby Surprise Jacket

I’ve almost finished our first baby item for us. One of the women in our local knitting group thought she had stumbled upon some fantastic news when I told her I knitted the baby jacket for us. I had to explain we’re just getting a head start on our baby clothes making.

After talking with pregnant friends and reading blogs, it seems that energy levels just go out the window with pregnancy and the energy to knit dwindles. I want our kids to be decked out in all sorts of knitted finery, so I better get started now.

Tessa's Baby Surprise Jacket

Tessa's Baby Surprise Jacket

I have been practising my baby knits on friends though. I’ve knitted my first baby surprise jacket for my best-buddy from Kindergarten. Yes, we met at age 4, played in the sandpit together, were terrified of the same teacher, and although going to different schools, we still kept in contact over all these years. Recently we discovered something even scarier. She was born a month before me. I was born 2 weeks early, she was born 6 weeks early. We were due at the same time, and therefore were probably conceived at the same time. Kinda spooky when you think about it, but really cool at the same time.

Baby set of beanie, vest and socks

Baby set of beanie, vest and socks

This is some of the wool we bought in New Zealand, and the little vest is one I started while watching a great documentary about the Topp Twins called Untouchable Girls. It had just been released in cinemas while we were there, and it’s not the kind of thing that will get released in Australia. I also got to knit a lot of the body while on the plane. To me this is a huge deal since we’re not allowed to knit on planes in Australia as knitting needles are pointy, dangerous weapons. Maybe it was because we were leaving from New Zealand rather than Australia, or maybe they realise that a bamboo double pointed knitting needle is very difficult to use as an effective weapon, but the air-hostesses didn’t seem to care that I was calmly sitting, knitting and watching the in-flight entertainment. Best plane trip even, despite being bumpier.
The pattern is one I’ve made up from basic vest, beanie and sock patterns, and added a bit of interest with the bubbled knit and purl pattern.

Tycus baby hat

Tychus baby hat

The last one is for our (ex) neighbours Kim and Rob. They were great neighbours for 3 1/2 years and we were very sad to move. But a rented town-house was never going to be a permanent home, no matter how great the company next door was. Both Kim and Rob got adult sized versions of this hat for their birthdays a few years ago, and when they told us they were pregnant, Kim asked for ‘one of those gum-nut hats you made us’ in green and purple.
I love the Tychus beanie. It’s such a simple idea when you look at the maths of the design. After I made my first one I just went crazy and made several of them, playing with different colours, different sizes, making whole wedges one colour. I think I have to make a few more again.

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