The good news that came through was that sometime on Thursday our state Parliment passed a law that will allow Lawyer to be on Emby’s birth certificate. We are both legally, 100% going to be parents to this little baby!

The law still has to be signed off by the governor and then gets enacted, but another small step forward has been made for same-sex families. Woohoo!


I was hoping for Lawyer’s birthday yesterday I could give her a pee stick with two lines on it. Seems it wasn’t to be yesterday. Still way to early to get an accurate result though. But we did discover today that pee sticks can be bought in packs of 3. This is dangerous. I’m trying to ration myself, but we want to know so badly.

Birthday fun started with getting up damned early to get around to a derby friends place to watch the US Derby Nationals. Both games we saw were sadly one-sided, which doesn’t make for exciting watching, but there definitely was some good play. We had our own game predicting octopus, a cardboard wheel with a drawing. Zombie Paul was very accurate at picking the loser for each game, we figure it was something to do with him being dead and giving predictions beyond the grave!

We stopped in at our favourite video game shop for the rest of Lawyer’s birthday gift, a game of her choice. Since it’s mostly old traded games (just perfect for our Retro Tower of Nerd), stock depends on what comes in and it was slim pickings. But Lawyer found some Agatha Christie mystery games for PC she was quite happy with, and I finally got that illusive 4th controller for our Nintendo 64 we’ve been trying to find for a while. It’s red, and they say red things go faster, which is why I finally finished second for Mario Kart, instead of last or DNF 😉

Lawyer had been hanging out for some bad food for a while since she’s been on the diet, and her birthday was going to be her break day. The bad food didn’t end up being too bad. Full strength Coke, Mee Goreng 2- minute noodles, Dr Pepper and a Grape Fanta (the cans were $3 each because they are hard to get in Australia), and then Pizza for dinner. Originally it was going to be take-away pizza, but I had some egg yolks left over from aioli I made the day before, and offered to make her a Pavlova for dessert, and since we had to have a fruit and vegetable shop, she asked if instead of the junky pizza, I could make her an uber healthy home-made vegetable pizza. So one pizza with pumpkin, pesto, cashews, and corn on one side, and mushroom, pineapple, tomatoes and olives on the other half.

We then lounged around in our comfy pants playing Mario Party 1 on our Nintendo 64. I love that Lawyer’s perfect way to spend a day is the same as mine, although since my birthday is mid summer, I also get to have time at the beach too.

Happy Birthday honey. I hope to get you a very good, but slightly belated birthday gift.

Lawyer’s dad has been having chest pains while out walking for a while, something he only told his family of a few months ago. He went to the doctor, who did a stress test, only for him to be carried out on a stretcher with oxygen!

The test showed that a blockage near the heart had been detected, he had surgery a month ago to remove it. However, during the surgery the doctors discovered that it was 3 blockages and too much of a risk to try to remove without one of the travelling to his heart.

He was on the surgery waiting list for a triple bypass at the hospital a town over where the heart specialist is, and finally had the surgery on Monday…. which ended up being a quadruple bypass! Good news is that he’s okay. Everything went well. He was out of intensive care after less than 24 hours and into the ordinary ward. He came home 5 days later.

Lawyer went over with her parents to look after them, which is a 8 hour drive away. I stayed home because Lawyer wanted the time with her mum, who is a very quiet and private person. And they haven’t really had time together as just the two of them since Lawyer and I got together.

It’s been a rather stressful time with us knowing that her dad was a ticking time bomb and that he could have a heart attack at any time, yet had to wait to have surgery. The scary thing is he’s only 56.

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This time next year I will be getting a big bunch of chrysanthemums for mother’s day. Whether I am barely awake and nursing a small baby in my arms, fat and waddling around, sporting a nice sized bump, or having just gotten my BFP, I will be a mother.

And while I try not to be jealous of everyone who will be celebrating it today, over the past few weeks we’ve had announcements from friends and family who are on this journey before us. My cousin just had their first child on Friday, and yes they did go with the name we wanted to use. Lawyer’s cousin just announced her second pregnancy and it’s due at Christmas time and near my birthday. Lawyer’s highschool friend who had a baby last August is pregnant with her second. 3 of my classmates from highschool are pregnant with their first. And my best friend is ready to start trying for number two within the next few months. So close, yet it feels so far.

So to celebrate Mother’s day, I’m going down to the pharmacy and buying myself a bottle of pre-pregnancy vitamins.

And then cooking up a nice Indian feast for my mother this evening. They’ve just discovered that  curries don’t have to be spicy hot, so I’m making dahl, naan and a mild vegetable curry.

I can’t believe it’s our 3rd Wedding Anniversary already. Still feels like our wedding was only yesterday. I set up an online photo album here so that I could show off our professional photos to our interstate friends, and so that they could add their digital photos too.

Since I can’t get our anniversary day off work we’ll do something small in the evening, but we had fun today going out and doing things together. I think the photos tell a better story.

Lawyer's pancake breakfast at Waterfall Gully restaurant where we had our reception

Geek's fried breakfast at Waterfall Gully

Under the waterfall where we got married

Apple picking... and sampling

More sampling

Lawyer's vegetarian lasagne

Apple pie from the freshly picked apples

We also went driving around the hills area and stopped at a country market where we bought two bags of fleece for spinning. Can’t wait to see the result of that.

I love the concept of Earth Hour. I love that such a simple idea from Australia has taken off as a world-wide concept. I love that so many people and big industries are taking on the message and turning off their lights.

I had been planning a fantastic dinner party idea, was going to invite friends and make it into a whole evening. But Lawyer got sick with a pretty nasty cold that has been hanging around for over 10 days now, and now I’ve got it. Glad I never got around to inviting people.

So we turned off the lights, unplugged almost everything at the powerpoint (the fridge got a reprieve because I don’t want melted ice-cream or more lumpy milk) and broke out the candles and board games. Lawyer has been itching to use the chess set I got her for our anniversary, so I let her whoop my arse at a game of chess. I managed to survive for 45 minutes, and took a few of her powerful pieces, but in the end I was cornered and died a slow and painful death. I am not a chess player. I’m lucky if I can see two moves ahead. After my defeat we decided to spend another hour in the dark and play Monopoly.

Before Earth Hour we ran through the Footprint Calculator. It would take 2.3 Earths to sustain my lifestyle if everyone lived like me. (Lawyer got 2.4). I thought that was kinda scary since we live a fairly green life already. We’re both vegetarian so we cut down a lot of emissions there. We shop at a fruit and vegie shop that sources its vegetables mostly from local farmers. Our power bill is surprisingly low for a detatched house, and our house is double brick with great insulation so we cut down the need for a lot of heating and cooling. Our car more often sits in the driveway and we’ll catch the bus to work every day- this makes sense since we live on a great bus route and just off the O-Bahn bus system which takes us 25 minutes to get to the city rather than 40 minutes via car. And we seem to throw out more in recycleable waste than actual rubbish, plus I compost our food scraps… or feed them to the dog, and we have two rainwater tanks- one for drinking water and the other for the garden. I know we could be greener if we used solar power, particularly for hot water and if we sourced our groceries locally too, not just our produce. But it’s scary how wasteful the western lifestyle is.

Next year, hopefully when fat and pregnant, I plan to host an Earth Hour party. Candles, board games, live music on our piano, vegan food (I was thinking raw vegan but that might be too much for some of our carnivore friends) and maybe afterwards sitting outside with the brazier for some fire staring.

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