Oh No! It’s another lesbian baby blog.

We’re a happily committed, civilised and in our own hearts married couple. We’ve been going strong for 7 years, we have the fur kid, the house, the careers, the oppressive mortgage, so now it’s time for a couple of kids.

We both knit and love retro games consoles. Geek likes to garden and cook, while Lawyer is a Derby Girl in our local Roller Derby league. We’re both vegetarians and Geek likes to experiment with turning meat dishes vegetarian.

We live in Australia, in a backwards state that only allows medically infertile couples to access IVF. We were going to use the ‘traditional’ method of conception- the turkey baster, but our donor is off having a wow of a time overseas. Seems this baby making is harder than we thought!

So while we sort out all the mess, I want to write it down, and hopefully one day look back on our journey with babe in arms and say Wow, we finally did it!


3 Responses to “About”

  1. allthingslucky Says:

    I happened to click on your link from another blog that I read and when I saw “roller derby” I about freaked out! I play in the states and haven’t heard of another pregnant lesbian couple that plays derby! Needless to say I will be catching up on past blogs and adding you to my blog roll!

  2. Loving the oppressive mortgage! Can I add the recalcitrant neighbour? Or the creepy old guy a few doors down? Or the born again triathletes? Stop, me, puhleese!

  3. pepibebe Says:

    Ohhhh hello 🙂 So nice to find a ‘closer to home’ blog – in that my wife and I live in New Zealand. Nearly all the lesbian TTC / parenting blogs I follow are from the US.
    I see you made your baby successfully with your DIY insemination method – well done. We have conceived successfully twice using the same method, but sadly lost babies to MC at 12 weeks. We are currently TTC again and I’m blogging about it over at http://www.pepibebe.wordpress.com I’d love you to come visit. I’ll also email you for the password to your blog, so if you want to check out my/our credentials come have a trawl.

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