Reading blogs and mothering forums, it seems that many mothers have a rocky start to breastfeeding. But not only was there the problems I had in hospital with feeding C enough, at about 3-4 weeks I started getting intense pain in my nipple when C latched on. It slowly got worse, to the point where the pain would make me gasp audibly when C latched on and the pain would continue on for up to a minute on the start of feeding from each side.

The help we’ve been given with this has made me realise why we paid a big lump sum of money to my OB. I’ve been in several times to see the midwives at the clinic and OB at no cost. At first the OB diagnosed me with thrush on my breasts and prescribed me with anti-fungal tablets to take myself and drops to give to C. After 2 weeks the medication wasn’t doing anything and the symptoms were showing now signs of easing up. I called the OB and she told me to take another round of tablets and continue C with the drops. I showed up to the pharmacy with the old bottle of drops to get more and the pharmacist gave me the third degree as to how old C is, why I was giving her so much medication and that I should see my doctor again to confirm that I did actually have thrush.

I went back to the midwives and the OB who suggested that after 3 weeks and no signs of improvement that it could be Raynaud’s (or vasospasms). So now I’m on different medication, as well as putting a hot pack on my breasts before feeds and trying to keep them as warm as possible. It’s been a week now and while it’s still painful, it no longer feels like someone is using a blunt knife to remove my nipples.

Now I just have to work out how to stop C from choking when I feed her from the right side. Seems my flow is just too strong and she can’t drink fast enough.

Claudia feeding and telling everyone to go away with a simple finger gesture