I can’t believe how little energy I’ve had these last few weeks, makes me wonder if I’ll have enough to push out a baby. It reminds me of the time I had glandular fever and the fatigue that came with that.
I’ve also been getting some semi-regular Braxton Hicks conractions, but nothing that sustains longer than a few hours. Doesn’t mean that Lawyer still doesn’t get excited/panicky everytime I have one. For this I put some contraction timing software on an old PDA so either of us can start timing without having to fumble around with our smart phones.
In between my non-productive days I get little bursts of energy and start nesting. My parents bought us an upright freezer which I have been filling with home-made meals that just need to be put in the oven to cook, like lasagne, pizza and a couple rolls of biscuit dough for all the visitors I expect will turn up. I’ve also tried my hand at sewing again. I feel very rusty at it, but I’m getting better with straight lines, having edged the nursery curtains, fixed the hem on our bedroom curtains, edged Emby’s receiving blanket and made sheets for the co-sleeper cot. I have plans for some burp cloths too.
However I think today is a couch day, spent watching cooking shows and bad TV while trying to find enough lap to balance the laptop on and trying to drink 4 cups of raspberry leaf tea.