I’ve been part of a group on Ravelry of women who are all due in July. We decided that before our babies arrive that we’ve have a gift swap around the value of $25 and my gift finally arrived in the mail this week. This is what I got.

Swap Gifts

There’s a baby book (Itsy Bitsy Spider), baby slippers, a Mario keychain that will fit in well with the Mario themed nursery, soap, sleep balm, lip balm, licorice sweets (from the world’s longest Candy counter I’ve been told), cat toys (there are 3 toys, but Frankie was playing with it when I took the photo), a skein of yarn and kool-aid for dyeing . I feel very spoilt and currently enjoying a licorice caramel.

We also gave a gift on behalf of Emby. Two years ago we signed up to Kiva.org to donate money through microloans in 3rd world countries. When we went through IVF and got our BFP we donated an extra $25 out to someone who is trying to make a difference with their medical skills because we are so fortunate with all the medical care we receive here. We’ve since got back most of that loan, and some from past Christmas loans, and put it towards this gentleman in Azerbaijan who wants to buy musical instruments so he can teach children: http://kiva.org/invitedby/helendenise9429