Had our 34 week OB appointment today and Emby is turned again. Head up bum down 😦 There was a definite round head shape sitting up the top during the whole appointment, which moved back and forth a little bit, but didn’t seem to make any advances down.

Although as I write this I can feel two very round lumps either side of my belly. I’m hoping one side is head and one side is bum and yet again this stubborn baby is flipping around. But it looks like there is going to be a lot of hand-stand, or at least sitting with my bum in the air to try and get Emby to turn and stay.

The OB gave us details on what would happen should Emby decide to stay head up, starting with trying some manipulation around 36 weeks to get Emby to turn. Then if that doesn’t work and things get close and still no sign of movement then I’ll be having a caesarean preferably before labour starts. They really don’t want to attempt a vaginal breach birth for a first time birth, which I can sort of understand why. But given the chances of VBAC, I’m going to try everything to get this little one into launch position.

Spent the weekend buying a few more baby things. We now have a car-seat, more modern cloth nappies, our co-sleeper cot was collecting by a friend in Melbourne and we’re trying to figure out how to courier it to here and we picked up a second-hand stroller from free-cycle which we’ll probably take to Lawyer’s parents as a spare. After spending time re-learning how to use my sewing machine, I’ve also gone crazy buying material. I’ve got plans for cot sheets, burp clothes and nursing pads, and I’m eyeing off all our old small towels as something to cut up and use in these projects.

Potential good legal news just filtering in… but we’re waiting to hear exactly what laws did get changed and how it affects us.