I can’t believe that I’m now down to my last week of work. I can’t describe how long I’ve been waiting for this day. Work has never been my passion. I’ve found something I’m good at and it brings the money in, pays the bills, but I honestly can’t see myself ever truly being happy to work.

Whereas being a mother has always been in my plans. As of next friday I have hopefully somewhere between 4-8 weeks to prepare and get ready for the next part of our lives. I’ve planned to take 12 months off, part of that will be subsidised by the government paid maternity leave, and most of it we’ll be living on one wage. But if our maths is right it’s something we can do without too much of a drop in lifestyle.

But I have to remember not to book myself up with too many things to do. I’ve got so many friends with babies I want to catch up with, a vegie patch I want to potter in, a nursery to decorate (although Lawyer will be upset if I do the rest without her), a garage to clean out of mostly my childhood junk (do I really need my highschool note books?), baby outfits to knit and finish, and my newest crafty discovery- sewing.

A friend came around last week to help reacquaint me with my sewing machine and with her help we cut and hemmed curtains for the nursery. We got sky blue curtain material and we’re going to paint clouds on it to look like the background from the Super Mario games, which will go with the stickers we still have to order and the other bright things in the room. The room isn’t much to look at right now, but we’re working on it.

Good news to report, at our last OB appointment Emby was head down, bum up. The OB doesn’t think Emby will move from that position, just left to right, which seems to happen at night-time while I’m trying to sleep. We got a few more scan photos and this was our absolute favourite. Yes, that is a face!

Emby at 32 weeks