A friend of ours in RL has been curious about our IVF journey, wanting to know details of the clinics in our home town. Turns out her and her partner want to have children together. He comes with 3 from a previous relationship, but of course biology is driving her to have her own. He’s had a vasectomy, so they are looking into IVF as a way around it rather than a reversal of the procedure.

They must have been getting serous when she came off the pill in the first time in many years. Unfortunately this let symptoms for Adenomyosis show itself, and along with a history of benign cysts, the doctors wanted to do some exploratory surgery to find out exactly what was happening for her. And while a diagnosis of Adenomyosis  is not promising when wanting to have children (my sisters and I are proof that women with it can have children- even if it is a difficult path), the results also came back that as someone in her early to mid 30s, she has absolutely no eggs left.

We were both left shocked when we heard this. Our IVF journey is nothing compared to what this couple has to go through, and while I am grateful of that we had a friend who was willing to be our donor, using a donor was something we expected from the outset.

It warms my heart though when Lawyer tells me that already a few friends have offered to be egg donors for her. ‘ amazing gift to give someone, and makes us think about the 7 frozen siblings we have and what to do with them once we have our family.