Now that work is back after the Christmas/New Year break I find that I’m spending less time anywhere near my computer when I get home. Thankfully our 4 person IT helpdesk has finally gone from 2 to 3 staff, but the new guy is still working the middle shift while he learns the ropes, and then my co-worker who prefers mornings is going to China to marry his girlfriend who he knocked up (she’s chinese, hence the trip to china and to meet the in-laws). This means that unless the new guy, who is meant to be my manager convinces the IT manager that two people cannot man a helpdesk between 7am and 7pm, I’m still going to be working from 11am – 7pm.

Sounds like it would be great working hours right? Wrong! Lawyer still has to get to work around 9am, so she’s awake at 7am and so am I. I get to laze in bed a bit more, and actually have time to eat a proper breakfast, maybe do some housework or check my computer (the washing machine is on as I type). The bus trip in takes a little bit longer as there aren’t as many services out of peak times, and my head just isn’t with it enough for inner city driving. Then I leave at 7pm and bus home. Of course evenings were normally when we’d do things like go to the gym, go to our knitting group, and of course Roller Derby training. Sometimes I make it to the gym, I get to knitting late and get about half an hour to catch up with people before they have evening busses to get home, and Roller Derby practise means I have to pull my brains together, drive to work, and then leave the office a bit early to get to training on time (no one ever calls after 5.30 anyway, so it’s not like they’re missing out on any service). And with my bed time now closer to 10pm, I’ve got a few hours in the evening to cook and eat dinner and put my feet up.

We’ve finally booked in our doula and met with her again, and saw the OB again and got more baby photos. Briefly, we’re feeling confident about our choices, emby is doing fine, wriggling around and sucking it’s thumb, and the placenta has moved up and out of the way, and tomorrow is the Australia Day public holiday, so hopefully I’ll have time to scan all the photos and post them properly.