Public holidays and delays with Christmas post really put a dampener on getting things via mail during the holidays, but happy to say that our Holiday Swap ornaments finally arrived (as did my birthday presents, a few Christmas cards, early Emby scans photos from the IVF clinic, my dad’s birthday gift I ordered from China and a few other things we’d been waiting on).

The ladies from BWUB … plus one made us these:

Christmas 2010 ornament

Blaze loves the Blaze shaped ornament

I particularly love the Blaze ornament. Lawyer got home before me the day it arrived. She called me straight away to tell me all about the dragon ornament.

In baby news, my belly is getting bigger. I think I may be saying goodbye to my work shirts this week. They fit, but only just. While the nausea is greatly improved, I’m probably only 90%. I’m hungry, but I fill up quickly and then food doesn’t interest me. Managed to get my vegetable quota up today by cooking and eating my first spaghetti squash, fresh from my vegie patch.

On the weekend we had a Science Fiction costume party to go to, so we went Charity Op Shopping for costume clothes and a few looser fitting tops and maternity pants for myself. But I made a great find in one store. A baby bouncer exactly like the one my mum used for my sisters and I. It’s old, but seems unused and in great condition.

Baby bouncer. The colour no way indicates we know what we're having.

For the costume party I went as the guy from the Alien movie with the alien exploding out his belly, and Lawyer was an Ensign Redshirt from Star Trek- thankfully she didn’t get killed during the night.

Lawyer, Geek and the Belly Alien

It was the first time that a lot of these friends had seen us since we announced our pregnancy, so there were lots of congrats and hugs. Thankfully only one person made mention of patting my belly, to which I said only if I could pat her boobs. Didn’t get the belly pat. Phew!