After the unwanted Christmas surprise of a bit of spotting, our OB said that she wanted to see us in for a scan when we got back home. Was hoping for a nice birthday photo, but they didn’t have an appointment time on Thursday.

Up on the bed for a scan and I was holding my breath until she found the heartbeat. It was soon apparent why she was having difficulty finding the heartbeat. We’ve got a wriggler! Emby just wouldn’t sit still, doing handstands, rolls, flips and being a one person mexican wave. It was fantastic to see, although Lawyer and I would start laughing at it, the OB would laugh, then my belly would jiggle from the laughing and we’d lose the shot. We finally got to hear the heartbeat and we both shed a few tears. But emby really put on a good performance.

Emby at 11 Weeks 1 day. At the top of the screen is a little foot, and a hand by it's face.

Also found out that the spotting is caused by a low placenta. The doctor hopes that as my uterus grows that it will move up higher, but worst case scenario is that it goes lower and covers my cervix. I may have to have bed rest during the last month and have a caesarean- which I really don’t want. She also warned that I may get some more spotting and to come in for scans should that happen. So at the moment I just have to wait and gestate.

New years eve was a non-event. We both wanted a quiet one at home. We made pizza, played video games, and after having a 39 degree C day and a cooler change in the evening, we spent some time out in our backyard on a picnic rug staring at the stars and talking about the year.

New Years Day we went to visit my grandmother on dad’s side to tell her our good news. It’s been awkward going to visit her due to family issues and fighting. In a nutshell, my aunty is over-powering, my parents don’t like this, my grandmother takes sides, everyone is claiming to be in the wrong and people aren’t talking to each other. Over Christmas dad has been trying to talk with her, I’m not sure how far things have gone, but it made it slightly easier for us to visit. Thankfully the family issues were just ignored, even though that big elephant was sitting right there in the room with us. We gave her the photo frame for Christmas with the message that the photo will come in July. It didn’t take her long for her face to drop in surprise and hug us both with happiness. I’m sure by the time we drove out the gate to the retirement village she was already on the phone to my aunty and telling the whole family, but we still told dad is was fine to tell his brother and I sent a quick email to my cousins.

The best part of the evening was jointly putting comments on Facebook to announce my pregnancy. So far I’ve got 13 comments and Lawyer has 20, and then a heap more on the photos we posted. We’ve also had some great comments, including from a girl I went to school with who said “I also wanted to say how much I have always respected and admired you for your sense of self and individuality and have been someone who has not been afraid to follow their own path.” Everyone has been great about it and very positive.

On a final note, my belly is really starting to pop. I normally wear my my jeans rather tight, and my t-shirts are always snug to show off my figure (and huge bust), but some are started to pull. Time to get out the vacuum bags and pack away all my skinny clothes into the garage for the next 7+ months. I’m loving my maternity shorts, worn them 4 days straight.

11 Week belly