We had our first OB’s appointment today. It was meant to be just a midwife visit, mainly to get all our details and give us info on what happens and what our options are. Luckily the OB was available and we were able to get in to meet her, and have a quick scan. The midwife was lovely, Lawyer was sitting with me holding my hand, and as she was filling in the section about relationship status she paused and asked “you’re married” which was more a statement to confirm and a question. Later I explained we went through IVF and she asked if it was through Sydney or Melbourne, knowing that our state didn’t allow IVF for lesbian couples. So she knew what she was talking about, which was reassuring. I hate having to explain ourself every time we meet a new doctor or practioner.

Here’s the second photo of our beautiful embryo. We finally have something to show.

7 weeks 3 days

And I’ve created a photographic timeline page of our journey so far.