Now we’ve had confirmation that there is something going on in there, and we have a beautiful little heartbeat, we want even more to tell everyone. And since we’re both so excited and unable to keep secrets we’ve told a few people.

We told a few people at Roller Derby, an online glbt knitting group I’ve been a member of for years, our local knitting group (it was rather suspicious that I didn’t eat anything last week because of the nausea), and on Friday I had to tell my co-workers after taking the day off work and having everyone concerned about how green I still looked.

We’re still planning on telling relatives at Christmas time, since we’re going to be seeing most of them face to face then. Hopefully we’re going to catch up with friends for my birthday or new years so we’ll tell most of them then, and after that we’ll announce on Facebook. It’s funny, I’ve been waiting years for this moment, and daydreaming about the perfect way to tell people, and in the end I just blurt out that I’m pregnant.

I’m beginning to completely understand why so many bloggers announce they’re pregnant and then go silent. I am just so damned tired! My evenings now involve me sitting across the couch watching TV (we’re rewatching Scrubs again) while Lawyer cooks dinner, which I’ll nibble at. At some stage I’ll try to get comfortable and slide further down so I’m laying down, and then shortly after I’m asleep. Once Lawyer realises I’m asleep we’ll go to bed, which of recent has been 10pm. This last week has been particularly bad because I’ve been on the early shift at work, so I’ve had to get up at 5.30, which is two hours before I normally get up and falling asleep at work.

And then to make this whole lack of sleep thing even more fun, it’s been really hot this weekend so my sleep last night was interrupted because I was hot, turning the fan on, getting too cold and turning it off, laying in bed for an hour this morning realising I’m quite awake, then getting up pottering around the garden while it’s still cool and now wanting to go back to sleep. If I could sleep through the first trimester with all the nausea then I possibly would.