We went on two hospital tours yesterday, had a look around see what we liked and felt overwhelmed by it all.

I don’t have an OB/GYN already because the one I had been to for a cyst I just really didn’t gel with. There was something cold and business like about her that I didn’t get on well with.

We’re looking at hospitals and then looking at the list of doctors that service these hospitals. And covertly trying to ask friends for recommendations. “Oh, we’re researching for the future for when I need it so we can book in early.”

Hospital one is slightly newer, they have 7 rooms with double beds so partner can sleep in the bed too (all the others have single fold out couches for the partner), is only 15-20 minutes from home, and is the hospital I was born in. It had a very warm feeling to it. They have several programs for parents to be both before and after birth. They have 4 birthing suites, which have shared bathroom with the suite next door, and both have a spa bath in them. The birthing suites are at the end of one of the ward corridors, but behind heavy doors, so hopefully noise won’t travel too much. The surgery in case of emergency is at the very end of the corridor.

Hospital two is older, some of the rooms have just been renovated, and the others will be finished before I’m due. In a lot of places there was peeling paint or cracks, but who knows how that will  be after the renovations. All have a single fold out bed for the partner. Unfortunately (for us) the place was started by nuns and still has a rather churchy feel to it, which is something we’re not. The birthing suits are a corridor away from the wards. Two have spa baths and two only have showers. At the moment they don’t have a working surgery attached to the birthing suites and should an emergency arise I’d be taken down to the first floor. They have an extensive list of classes, including a class for grandparents. They are about 20-30 minutes away from home, and close to the city, so at peak hour it could take longer to get there.

So I’m liking hospital one better. I’ve got an appointment with my GP on Monday, and hopefully he might be able to recommend someone.