The nurse who gave me my results yesterday suggested that we look into getting a OB asap because the good ones can book out so quickly. I haven’t even thought much about doctors, or what my birthing choices are and today we’re off hospital shopping. I want to find the right mix of hospital and doctor, but I think choosing a good hospital with the right care will be best, and then finding the best doctor at that hospital.

And of course finding somewhere that as a couple we’ll be accepted is a priority. I’ve told Lawyer that at any time she feels she’s being ignored by doctors, hospital staff, or me, that she has to speak up because I’m going to be focusing a lot on me and our baby (it’s so cool to be able to say that) and I may not see something small that hurts her feelings.

We have no idea what to ask at these tours, and we’ll probably have many questions once we get home, but at the moment it feels like a good start.