I was hoping for Lawyer’s birthday yesterday I could give her a pee stick with two lines on it. Seems it wasn’t to be yesterday. Still way to early to get an accurate result though. But we did discover today that pee sticks can be bought in packs of 3. This is dangerous. I’m trying to ration myself, but we want to know so badly.

Birthday fun started with getting up damned early to get around to a derby friends place to watch the US Derby Nationals. Both games we saw were sadly one-sided, which doesn’t make for exciting watching, but there definitely was some good play. We had our own game predicting octopus, a cardboard wheel with a drawing. Zombie Paul was very accurate at picking the loser for each game, we figure it was something to do with him being dead and giving predictions beyond the grave!

We stopped in at our favourite video game shop for the rest of Lawyer’s birthday gift, a game of her choice. Since it’s mostly old traded games (just perfect for our Retro Tower of Nerd), stock depends on what comes in and it was slim pickings. But Lawyer found some Agatha Christie mystery games for PC she was quite happy with, and I finally got that illusive 4th controller for our Nintendo 64 we’ve been trying to find for a while. It’s red, and they say red things go faster, which is why I finally finished second for Mario Kart, instead of last or DNF 😉

Lawyer had been hanging out for some bad food for a while since she’s been on the diet, and her birthday was going to be her break day. The bad food didn’t end up being too bad. Full strength Coke, Mee Goreng 2- minute noodles, Dr Pepper and a Grape Fanta (the cans were $3 each because they are hard to get in Australia), and then Pizza for dinner. Originally it was going to be take-away pizza, but I had some egg yolks left over from aioli I made the day before, and offered to make her a Pavlova for dessert, and since we had to have a fruit and vegetable shop, she asked if instead of the junky pizza, I could make her an uber healthy home-made vegetable pizza. So one pizza with pumpkin, pesto, cashews, and corn on one side, and mushroom, pineapple, tomatoes and olives on the other half.

We then lounged around in our comfy pants playing Mario Party 1 on our Nintendo 64. I love that Lawyer’s perfect way to spend a day is the same as mine, although since my birthday is mid summer, I also get to have time at the beach too.

Happy Birthday honey. I hope to get you a very good, but slightly belated birthday gift.