I also have a whole boatload of symptoms, a lot of them pregnancy symptoms but it can all be put down to the progesterone cream.

  • huge sore boobs
  • tired (that may have something to do with the 1am evening)
  • heartburn
  • queasy and nauseous
  • still bloated since the retrieval surgery
  • I’m not as regular as I normally am

My FF calendar looks bright and colourful like bad windows clipart.

Thankfully this time we’re both being distracted by the NaNoWriMo writing competition. I’m only 3000 words into my 50K novel, so very slowly getting there, Lawyer is rocketting ahead to over 10,000 by day 4. This year I’ve decided to write a lesbian love story set in Colonial Australia, and Lawyer’s idea is for a Roller Derby mystery novel.