I had my first scan today on CD7. The nurse said 15 follicles, but only wrote down measurements for 13.

Three are big enough, but she said they had to be over 13mm, and I counted five over 13mm. However, the numbers are more promising than last time.

I’m onto the antagonist shots now, we go over to Melbourne IVF on Monday for the second scan, this time by my doctor. I’ll probably be taking the trigger that day for a retrieval on Wednesday.

Unfortunately today didn’t start off well. I had a reaction to the Puragon, and 2 minutes before walking out the door to get to our scan I’m standing in the doorway to the toilet, muttering my mantra ‘I will not throw up. I will not throw up.” Thankfully I didn’t throw up, but it was close for a few moments. I was still green by the time I got in for the scan, and I made sure I knew which pocket of my backpack my chuck bag is in (bread bag inside a paper mushroom bag).