Tomorrow morning is my first scan to see how the follicles are going. I can see that they are going well because I have a fat belly. I’ve tried sucking it in, but it just won’t stay. I’m getting paranoid that people at work may notice that I’ve suddenly got a bit of belly, but mostly I stay at my desk where people can’t see.

So scan and blood test on Friday, then we get the report back sometime that day to say when our MIVF scan will be, which will be either Monday or Tuesday they suspect.

We’re both hoping that between the MIVF scan and the retrieval we can both work from the Melbourne offices where we work. Lawyer works for the Federal Government, so there is a branch in every state, and then some. Whereas my work is currently expanding like crazy, so it’s probably good timing to go to the Melbourne offices for a clean up and IT audit of equipment.

Waiting to find out what happens tomorrow.