Lawyer’s dad has been having chest pains while out walking for a while, something he only told his family of a few months ago. He went to the doctor, who did a stress test, only for him to be carried out on a stretcher with oxygen!

The test showed that a blockage near the heart had been detected, he had surgery a month ago to remove it. However, during the surgery the doctors discovered that it was 3 blockages and too much of a risk to try to remove without one of the travelling to his heart.

He was on the surgery waiting list for a triple bypass at the hospital a town over where the heart specialist is, and finally had the surgery on Monday…. which ended up being a quadruple bypass! Good news is that he’s okay. Everything went well. He was out of intensive care after less than 24 hours and into the ordinary ward. He came home 5 days later.

Lawyer went over with her parents to look after them, which is a 8 hour drive away. I stayed home because Lawyer wanted the time with her mum, who is a very quiet and private person. And they haven’t really had time together as just the two of them since Lawyer and I got together.

It’s been a rather stressful time with us knowing that her dad was a ticking time bomb and that he could have a heart attack at any time, yet had to wait to have surgery. The scary thing is he’s only 56.