I’m sitting back in the hotel room with my feet up, thinking gestating thoughts. I have one beautiful embryo floating around in my uterus. I can’t believe that we’ve finally done this. It seems too good to be true and I’m grinning like an idiot.

The whole thing was very quick. No pain at all, we got to see the embryo up on the big screen first, and it had divided into 4 cells already. The doctor said it looked very good.

Unfortunately egg #2 didn’t turn out too good and we have nothing to freeze. So if this doesn’t work we’ll be back over in two months to try again.

Here’s our last few days in pictures.

Just before I went in for egg retrieval surgery

Lawyer with the toy we bought for our baby for good luck.

Our Embryo

I’ve updated our About page to include a pregnancy ticker with some awesome pictures starting at week 1. It’s hard to believe what is going on in there.