THIRTEEN!!! 13 beautiful follicles, six on the right side and seven on the left. I didn’t quite remember measurements but there were at least 4 big ones on each side.

Dildo cam was awkward, and my ’empty when we got there’ bladder was filling up and giving more pressure. The nurse kept asking if blood tests had been ordered too. Nothing in our paperwork, so she left it at that and faxed the results through.

An hour and a half later I get a call from MIVF to say they got the results and now they need me to have a blood test (F%$#*@!!!), but are still conferring with the doctor on my retrieval date. After trying to find the nearest place for a blood test, I race back into the clinic in the city and get the test done. My phone rings on the way there, and it’s the MIVF nurse again. This time she’s talked to the doctor, and they need me to start the orgalutran ASAP. This freaks me out, firstly because it’s 3pm and I won’t get home from work until 6pm, and because I’d been getting a little stronger cramping on the left, and now I’m hoping that we weren’t too late to stop ovulation. Got home and took the shot, but now I fear I didn’t get the needle in deep enough because a small bead of it came out when I took the needle out and my belly is all red and angry.

So the upshot of it all is, we have 13 follicles, and we’re going to Melbourne 6am Tuesday morning and will be retrieving my eggs at 11.45am.