I woke up at some ungodly hour of the morning because I’m on-call for work this week and the phone buzzed to let me know that one of our sites was down. Honestly, who cares that the Perth office temporarily doesn’t have network connection its 3am in the morning for them!!!

But I also noticed that I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and crampy, and 4 hours later when I went to the bathroom, there she was. I am in that small group of women who are just super excited to be miserable, cramping and bleeding. Woohoo!

Unfortunately to mar this wonderful event we’ve had some surprising and shocking news. Lawyer’s father finally let the family know a few weeks ago he’s been getting chest pains for a while when he goes for long walks. A few tests showed that he had a blockage in his arteries. He had surgery yesterday to try to remove the blockage, but doctors discovered that it was actually 3 small blockages and they didn’t want to touch it. So instead now he is recovering from the surgery that did nothing, and will be having a triple bypass sometime soon. Add to this mix that Lawyer’s mum has depression, and her two sisters are halfway around the world in Edinburgh, Lawyer is currently taking the first available transport – a seven hour bus trip – back home so she can be with her parents. And while I’d love to go, I can’t really take the time off work, nor can we afford return trips for two when we’re the last pay packet away from the big IVF bill.

I’ve got three to four days on my own, and two of those days are weekends, so I’m really going to notice she’s gone. Lots of long nights on the computer trying to get so tired that I fall asleep quickly.

And I’m still not talking to mum, who further put her foot in it a few weeks ago, knows why I’m upset with her and still hasn’t said anything to me.