Things are just falling into place now. We got a letter from MIVF confirming that we are good to go, both of our tax returns turned up in our bank account on the weekend and our savings account is sitting with a healthy amount of money for our retrieval cycle (still can’t pay to fly over and we may have to live on the streets, but we’ve still got a bit of time to save the extra $500 for that) and we’ve confirmed that our fridge door seal being broken for a few months would not have made the temperature sensitive meds go off. Watching the ticker on the side, and realising that the numbers on that are also a count down to when AF is due, and when AF is due, I start shooting up! 9 days til testing, 10 days til AF, 12 days til meds. Effing close!

After months of searching we finally found a better home for my sister-in-laws dog that we rescued last year from her ex who was going to have him put down. Tony is now living with a widower a few hours north of us on a large property where he will be spoilt rotten. We’re glad he’s gone to a better home as we were not doing the right thing by him with our busy schedule.

The reason moving Tony became very urgent is because after living in our own house for 2 years my dad and I have finally finished putting the chicken pen up, fortifying the fence and my girls finally arrived. Unfortunately they are so old (around 8-9 yo) they have forgotten how to lay eggs, but one of the girls from Derby lost all but one of her chickens to a dog attack and was happy we could give 4 month old chicken a new home.

Toffee (brown) and Maggie (black) enjoying their new yard and all it's weeds.

Talking of Roller Derby, life has been taken over by that again, and this time it’s me as well as Lawyer. Team Zebra (the refs) have a ref from the US over to teach us, so there’s been a lot of team time which has been great. We also have Derby Camp coming up on the weekend, which involves 60+ girls up in the hills mid-winter, living in dormitories with very little heating. Yes, there will be lots of alcohol. Last year a chair ended up in the swimming pool and the very hung-over thrower of the chair had to jump in and get it out.

Our news is being dominated by the Federal Election and while gay marriage is not being considered an issue by the two major parties, it is a huge issue for all the smaller left parties, a huge we’re definitely opposed it issue for the conservative right and basically everyone is talking about it, but not talking about it. Thankfully the Greens have a same-sex marriage bill poised to be tabled after the election and they are set to be the big winners of this election, hopefully gaining enough seats to get the balance of power, and to kick out the “we’re not religious” conservative Family First party. But essentially to quote South Park, “every election is between a Giant Douche and a Turd.”

And finally something knitting related. Lawyer finished the baby jacket she started when we went over to Melbourne for that first lot of big meetings over a year ago.

Jenny Dolly modelling the baby hoodie