Crap layer one: we’ve been a bit concerned that we haven’t heard back from Melbourne IVF about D’s test results yet. We know that they had been translated to English and sent over to Australia, so Tuesday morning I gave them a call to say “what’s up?” What was up, was that they had sent to results over, but the doctor had made one small typo with D’s birthday. Instead of him being born in 1984, they had written down that he was born in 1994- making D only 16. It also meant that the date of birth on the blood test didn’t match the date of birth on all the paperwork and they couldn’t accept them. Thankfully MIVF have been in contact with the clinic overseas to get them to reissue the results with the correct date of birth. This is taking more time, which means that if we had wanted to go with my next cycle we wouldn’t have had clearance anyway. Poop!

The sweet filling: We had an appointment with a local fertility specialist who was recommended by different two lesbian couples who had seen her when trying to get pregnant. MIVF asked that we find somewhere to get my day 8 ultrasounds and blood tests done. Now I could have gone through the local radiology clinic who are fine with locating kidneys, liver and other internal organs, but probably wouldn’t understand the urgency and accuracy of a day 8 fertility cycle and measuring ovaries and follicles. Now while the fertility clinic here won’t accept me as a fertility patient, because I am a patient through MIVF they will do what they call resource sharing. They’ll do my scans and tests and fax them over to Melbourne, as well as send them the bill. MIVF then take that out of the huge wad of money we’re saving up to pay them. Now chances are we’ll never see this doctor again, but she was lovely. First thing she commented on was that we were knitting in the waiting room, and how she would rather be sitting outside in the sunshine knitting. She is completely understanding of how f**ked our state’s fertility laws are. Even when I rang up to make the appointment her staff didn’t make assumptions on my partner, she asked if my partner was male or female. I appreciated being asked rather than having to correct someone ‘not husband. My wife!

Crap layer two: I got a call today from MIVF this time asking me if we’d got our police checks done. Umm… yes. We got our copy in the mail a few months ago. I didn’t realise that Victorian Police don’t send on a copy to Melbourne IVF, we had to send on the copy we were sent. Whoops. Lucky we found out now rather than in a months time.

Actually this crap sandwich is more like a double stacked cream biscuit with a double layer of good. Lawyer has been applying for other positions within the Government department she works in. It’s thing you do to advance up through the ranks, get experience, etc. It’s expected that you don’t work the same position for too many years. She currently has a permanent level 4 position, but for the last 10 months has had temporary higher duties as a level 5. This runs out (as does the nice pay increase) in October. So she’s been applying for other jobs because really who wants to take a pay cut. Today she got notified that she has an interview for a permanent level 5 position and a second as a permanent level 6. It would be fantastic if she could get either of these positions. It would definitely help not only having a stable position as we’re about to start the baby making, but also means that we’ve got some good money behind us when I’m not working. The interviews are next Thursday, but who knows how long before we get an answer. It will probably make the two-week wait seem a breeze.