Still no news from D about his test results. They are imminent, so we are just waiting for that email from him. This whole different time zones/ different day thing really get irritating because two days ago he said he’d have results tomorrow, but was tomorrow yesterday or is it today, and when is it today for him?

But we’ve taken another step towards getting ourselves organised here. I got a referral from my GP to see a local gyno who has been recommended by several lesbian couples who have kids. She’s an IVF specialist and very sympathetic who lesbian couples trying to have kids. Rang up her clinic this morning and booked the appointment. I have to say I’m already impressed by their reception staff. I explained to the woman that we’re going through Melbourne IVF and that we need a local doctor to help co-ordinate things from this side of the country. She was going to give me an appointment on the 22nd of July, which is really no good since chances are the cycle we’ll be using for the harvesting will be starting around the 23rd or 24th. Talk about cutting it close! So they will squeeze me in a week earlier. Phew! Then she asked firstly if I had a partner, and the if my partner was female or male. When I said female she told me that they’ll still need a letter of referral for Lawyer. So Lawyer is not just a spectator in this process, Lawyer is also a patient who is being treated with me. AWESOME!!!

It makes a big change from my GP clinic who asked several times about my partner using him and he when I rang up to book an appointment for her the other day. Even when I corrected the receptionist she continued to use the wrong pro-nouns. Must talk to our doctor about that.

In other news, Lawyer’s parents are down for the weekend, probably sleeping in the 3rd bedroom/guest/ wool stash/junk room for the last time. We’ve done a quick clean up so they have space to sleep rather than having to fit in around our wool. Once they go home I plan to continue with the removal of junk from the room in preparation to getting some things fixed up in there, and start with some painting. Painting unfortunately will require sanding back due to the lumpy, streaky, and dribbly paint job done by the previous owners, and it’s not something I want to be doing while pregnant.

We have been getting rather excited by a lot of these firsts and lasts before getting pregnant. Like two more periods until THE cycle where I start taking all the crazy stuff to harvest eggs. For the first time in my life I’m getting excited about bleeding and cramps.