I can’t believe it’s our 3rd Wedding Anniversary already. Still feels like our wedding was only yesterday. I set up an online photo album here so that I could show off our professional photos to our interstate friends, and so that they could add their digital photos too.

Since I can’t get our anniversary day off work we’ll do something small in the evening, but we had fun today going out and doing things together. I think the photos tell a better story.

Lawyer's pancake breakfast at Waterfall Gully restaurant where we had our reception

Geek's fried breakfast at Waterfall Gully

Under the waterfall where we got married

Apple picking... and sampling

More sampling

Lawyer's vegetarian lasagne

Apple pie from the freshly picked apples

We also went driving around the hills area and stopped at a country market where we bought two bags of fleece for spinning. Can’t wait to see the result of that.