I’ve finally heard back about the job I was waiting on, and I now have a permanent position with the Solar Company. I’m relieved. No more 3 hour commute to and from work. No more getting to the bus station at 7.10 and then waiting another 25 minutes for the bus to get in late… again. No more unpaid sick days (which I really wish I had paid since I’ve taken two days off for a cold). No more uncertainty about job stability and money.

But, I’ll only get maternity leave after 12 months in the role. Lawyer read through my contract, and I don’t think I even get unpaid maternity leave in the first 12 months. This sucks. This also means that we’ll have to put off the baby making for a few months 😦 I can’t believe after waiting a year for D to come back to Australia, and now being only 5 weeks out of the 6 month quarantine it looks like we’re going to have to impose more waiting on ourselves. Chances are we won’t be trying until August now.

On a small positive, it does mean that we’ve got a few more months to build up savings for the procedure, and to de-clutter the house. The 3rd bedroom/guest room/nursery is still a mess and we’ve barely started on cleaning it. That’s our Easter weekend task. I think 4 days might just be long enough to get it done.