No news on the job front yet. Still impatiently waiting. I’ve had 5 job interviews, another on Tuesday, and on Friday I had a call back for a second interview with a job interview I had on Monday. I’m very hopeful with this one and I really want it. It’s exactly the type of job I’m looking for, a bit of helpdesk, a bit of desktop support, a bit of project work, and I’ll be working with my type of people- other computer geeks. And it’s with a company that makes and installs solar panels so it’s something I can feel good about working for.

I can imagine this is how the TWW will be, but at least you know how long that is. It’s only two weeks. I could get a job tomorrow, or I could get one in three weeks. The uncertainty is driving me batty. Lawyer had to deal with my tears and grumpiness on Tuesday. I spent the day at home playing computer games all day. No cleaning, no cooking… I think I may have gone outside to water the vegie patch and get the post. Even indulging in some trashy TV and watching Oprah, Dr Phil and Judge Judy didn’t appeal.

At least there is something in the future to look forward to. We’ve got a day of appointments with Melbourne IVF on the 15th. We see the counsellor, my treating gyno in Melbourne, the clinic nurses and of course the accountants. I want to turn up with some good questions to ask, but I have no idea what to ask. I’ve been told we’ll be doing ICSI cycles. The big one for me is how much time off work and in Melbourne will it involve. I can’t really tell a new employer that I need to take a few days off once a month to fly to Melbourne and try and get pregnant, but I also don’t want to wait another year. As Lawyer so kindly pointed out I’m turning 30 next year (okay, so I’m turning 30 on the 30th of December, but it is still technically next year). I guess we just have to wait and see what the doctors say about time needed in Melbourne each month.

On the positive side, since we’re flying over and spending some time in doctor’s waiting rooms I’ll have a bit of time for some pregnancy knitting. We can now knit on planes in Australia. Woot! I figured that I should so some maternity knitting since 1) I’ll need maternity clothes before I need baby clothes 2) I expect my knitting energy to drop off during pregnancy 3) I’ll keep the small items for later on when my concentration levels go out the window.
I’ve been saving up some pretty cool looking maternity patterns on Ravelry (it’s FaceBook for knitters- just awesome) but now I get it knit them I don’t know which one to choose.

Here are some of my choices:




Hug Me

I have some beautiful yarn I dyed myself to make Margot or Maude, some of the yarn I got from our honeymoon in  New Zealand can use be for Shalom or Hug Me. However Lawyer was really eyeing off Maude when I asked her opinion on projects as it will make her waist look small and her boobs enormous. None of these are maternity tops, however I can forgo the waist shaping on Margot, Maude is ribbed so it should give me a lot more stretch, and of course Shalom and Hug Me just ignore any belly anyway. Bah, decissions.