We had our ‘ex-neighbours soon to be near-by neighbours again’ come over this morning with their 4 month old son and some paperwork for their mortgage that needed witnessing. They were running on baby time so Lawyer’s normal Saturday morning sleep-in was cancelled so we could quickly vac the house, bake some scones and be awake and coherent for when they turned up at 9am.

After they were gone it left me feeling awake and energised, and ready to do loads of things around the house. For some reason I started on the bookshelf. Two hours later I had bought in 5 boxes of books that had been stored in the garage since we moved here 18 months ago, and 3 boxes of books had been pulled off the shelves to donate to charity.

My parents dropped by and mentioned they would be going by their local church and could drop Lawyer’s old clothes into the St Vinnies bin. Bye bye big clothes.

By 3pm today we had donated 4 bags of clothing and 3 boxes of books and got them out of our lives. It felt good.

And I’m not talking about the good karma you get for giving your unwanted things to charity. It felt good to get that much clutter and unwanted goods out of our house. But it did make me realise, that two hoarding pack-rats like us have 4 months to get the house cleaned, unpack everything from when we moved, unpack/throw-out all our childhood clutter, reduce what we don’t want, and basically try and organise things.

I’m assuming when nesting kicks in that I’ll probably wish I could drag in men with the word crew on their shirts and TV cameras and get a whole house make-over done, or at least turn the guest room/wool room/junk room into something that could sleep a baby, but it is going to be so much easier to do it if we have a lot less junk in the house to organise. Which is why I’m wanting to do the big clean now rather than when I’m 8 months fat and pregnant sitting in the middle of the room directing Lawyer to clean while balling my eyes out about how I want it all to be perfect and it’s too late to rip up the carpet and paint the walls…

So far we’ve thrown out of our lives 4 bags of clothes, 3 boxes of books… and I’m about to throw out an A4 box of old letters, junk mail, uni notes and random papers into the recycling bin. I’m keeping tally and hopefully will see the difference.