Loved this idea from other blogs so much I just had to copy.

January- spent the day together at the Mt Compass Cup, where they have cow races. The rules- catch cow, get jockey on cow, get cow to move. Repeat until cow makes it over the line with jockey riding.

February- We grew over 700 trees for a farmer in Cleve through Trees 4 Life

March- Roller Derby season gets ready to take off, and Team Zebra prepare. Lawyer aka Dee Inju.ria is second from the right in horizontal stripes

April- We got legally married in New Zealand

May- Tony came to live with us

June- Lawyer won 1 month with a personal trainer and dietician at our local gym which kick started her weight-loss. On the left was taken Dec '06 at her largest, and right was Nov '09 and 30kg lighter.

July- Our 6 year anniversary of the day we met

August- My best friend since I was 4 had her son

September- after years of living in a rental place we finally made a start on the chicken pen and yard, and I dug over the lawn to create a vegie patch.

October- I started a new job where this is the view from my floor.

November- To Melbourne with our donor for sperm collection

December- cherry picking for Christmas. After 4 years doing this I think it is now a Christmas tradition that will carry on when we have children.

On my birthday taking a dip at the beach

Looking back we did achieve a lot this year. It wasn’t just spent waiting.