One of these reasons is why we’re not here!

Actually I think we survived the end of year Trio pretty unscathed.

Christmas was a relatively BS free experience. Normally there is all sorts of family issues going on, sniping at people, my uncle p*ssing people off, and aunty offending all, and my cousin’s kids being so hyperactive that even a whole bottle of Ritalin wouldn’t calm them. This year we just avoided most of them, especially all of them at once.

We had my parents and sisters over at our place for Christmas lunch. It felt very… umm… grown up to be the ones hosting this year. With family 8 hours apart we have to make the decision early with whose family we’ll be spending Christmas with. We normally just tag along to our parents, letting them do the hosting and we bring a plate of something, and a vegie loaf of some kind. This year we did it ourselves, and it was fantastic. We both commented on how much it made us feel like a family, and that we were both independent grown adults, not kids playing house.

On the 30th is my Birthday. 28 this year- for all 48 hours of it! Having a post-Christmas birthday is the reason that we will not be TTC in April or May. I do not want to have a Christmas baby. It sucks that everyone is so busy that they normally forget, or they are still on holidays, and don’t want to do anything on my birthday because New Years Eve is the night after and they are planning a big one.
But Lawyer planned a day of spoiling for me. She got up when I did (even on holidays I get up at 7.30 but she sleeps in until 10) and cooked me breakfast- scrambled eggs and a coffee. YUM!
Because of the forecast heat that day plans had to be shuffled around, so we made the trip down to the beach early in the morning rather than evening. It’s been ages since I’ve been, even though its only a 30 minute drive across the city. Felt so good to go bobbing in the water and letting the waves carry me. Afterwards we went into the city to try out an organic vegan cafe that so many friends have raved about. It lived up to its reputation. I had a tangy tofu salad while Lawyer had the burger.
Then it was on to birthday gift shopping.  The photo shows my gifts from Lawyer- 3 sets of interchangeable circular needle tips, two circular cables, a set of double-pointed sock needles, and two packs of veeeeery nice tea. Exactly what I wanted, and one of the teas taste like Rocky Road chocolate.
Dinner was with my family at a newly opening Afghani restaurant run by the family of a girl I went to school with. The flavours and the spices were fantastic and both my dad and my youngest sister grabbed a menu so they could work their way through the menu next time they came back. It’s good that we’ve found a restaurant that my family likes and has a good range of vegetarian food. WIN!

New year was a quiet, but very late event. A friend of Lawyer’s was staying with us after he planned to visit our city and then the friend he was meant to be staying with changed his mind. And one of the girls from Roller Derby also wanted a quiet evening and was happy to join us. So it was a few drinks, nibbles, home-made pizza and video games. I won the first round of Buzz but bombed out on round 2 when my one beer hit. I am such a Cadbury!
Lawyer’s friend went to bed at 1am, Lawyer napped on my lap for a bit and then went to bed around 2.30-3am. The Derby girl finally sobered up enough to drive home at 4.15am, and I fell into bed not long after.

So this whole holiday break has been a good one. We both go back to work tomorrow and start wondering where our time off went to, and why none of the things we had planned to do to our house got done.