Yes, my first stick peeing should be documented here I think.

Lawyer and I had a crazy idea to ask D if we could try home insem since he’s here for a month.  I knew I was fertile and that ovulation was near, but not sure how near. I got to work, and ran out quickly at morning tea for the ovulation testing kit then hid myself in the ladies toilet. This was really awkward because I know the lights are on a timer and I didn’t want to sit waiting around for 5 minutes and have the lights go off, and because I didn’t want people to see my small cup of pee under the stall or the pee stick carefully sitting on top of the cup.

Thankfully missed those two worries but as I was washing my hands and the pee cup someone walked in and I had to shove the just washed but still wet pee cup in my pocket.

Test One- no go!

Test Two- 2 solid lines!

So yes I did get 2 solid lines the second day (I did this test at home with Lawyer waiting and watching with me this time) however D said he’s rather stay with the plan of Melbourne IVF, which does offer us all extra protection legally and medically, but the ‘I want it NOW’ part of us both were a bit disappointed.

Onto other news (because I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to fart let alone blog), the writing comp is over, I’ve just been travelling interstate to our county’s capital city for work and our GLBTI festival has been and gone.

Lawyer got over the 50K for the writing comp, while I barely made it to 10K because I just lost interest. I think I wrote the most words at an all-night write in at a 24 hour bakery. Nothing like baked goods and coffee to get the writing going!

I had a work conference to meet the rest of my new team, since there is one team member in each state capital city. It was good to put faces to voices from the phone, and to discover that I am not the only lesbian on the team! Woot! I don’t think anyone questioned me about my sexuality since somedays I can be a 100 foot Lesbian (see The L Word for that reference), but my gaydar did register for my coworker. She used the word partner not husband or boyfriend, short nails, no make-up and awesome looking sensible shoes but it was a full day before she used a personal pronoun next to her partner. Even though I am comfortable with who I am and never hide my sexuality or my partner, it’s good to have someone else on the team who understands.
Had a new experience while out drinking on the second night though. A guy in the pub tried to chat me up. Seriously, I’ve got my short hair spiked, shirt, tie and vest on, and some random guy in the pub asked to buy me a drink. It took control not to laugh at him, but I have never had a man try and pick me up.

This is already getting long, so I’ll dedicate the next post to pictures of our show entries for the GLBTI Festival. There is a lot of knitting in there, plus some knitted baby stuff for us.