This last fortnight has been chaos.

Firstly all my job stuff, interview, getting the job, telling everyone at work, wrapping up what I was doing, getting the paperwork for the new one in on time. All sorted, I start the new job tomorrow at 9am. Woot!

Lawyer has a job interview for a position within her office for a 6 month contract with higher duties in another department. She had to get her acting manager to be her referee, and got a report back to hear that it was a pretty fantastic reference, and that she is one of 3 people being interviewed. Pretty good odds if you ask me!

Then the previous Wednesday evening we came home from a fantastic night at our knitting group (we met another knitting lesbian couple, it was so awesome!) and Lawyer logs on to Facebook to find several people with the status “RIP Mrs Hodgins”. Lawyer started trying to get in contact with her high-school friends on Facebook to find out what had happened, no one responded. She called her parents, as in a small country town everyone knows everyone else’s business. They hadn’t heard. I suggested she check out her hometown newspaper online, see if there had been a car accident or something else news-reportable. As we started looking we saw on the national news report that one of the Australian’s suspected of being killed in the Samoan Tsunami was Lawyer’s teacher Vivien Hodgins. The next morning suspicions were confirmed. The memorial is on Tuesday, and Lawyer is travelling back to go. As this will only be my second day in a new job, I will be staying home while she travels back.

And to top off a pretty emotionally draining week, I spent my second day of happy unemployment helping my dad build the fence for our chicken pen. We had to go out for more fence supplies and forgot to close the shed door. Tony got into a box of snail bait that I had bought while we were at our previous house. At first I didn’t think he’d eaten any and that there was anything wrong with him, he was running around wanting to chase his ball, no signs of illness at all. 5 hours later as I was about to go out and seem my friend and her new son, I stuck my head out the back just to check on him and noticed he was shaking and cuddling up to me, ignoring his ball. I rang the vet who said get him down to her asap. I managed to get him in the car, and drove 100m before I had to stop to get him out of the car (he was shaking and all over the car), drove another 100m and had to stop again after he wedged himself under the front passenger seat, and had to call my parents to help me get him to the clinic. Pretty scary 15 minutes as I waited on the side of the road while the dog is starting to have fits. He was able to walk to get in the car, but my mum had to carry him into the vets. I knew that once I managed to get him to the vets he was going to be fine, and after a stomach pump, and enema and an overnight stay in the doggy hospital we got him back home alive and happy. He did show his Labrador side though. Lying on the vet table he vomited green snail bait. And the stupid dog, still spasming and fitting wanted to eat his vomit. So obviously he didn’t learn the first time!

So after this week I’m booking the following two weeks to be boring. I want to eat, sleep, work and knit. No exciting news, no bad events, not even an exploding bus tyre, an office evacuation, or a lottery prize. Nothing interesting can happen at all!