So after all that stress and sleepless nights on the weekend, I told my manager, and his manager that I had applied for a job elsewhere, and that I would like to have them as my referees. My manager was very monosyllabic about the whole thing, not sure if it was because he’d probably only been awake for less than an hour by the time he got to work, or if he was upset, annoyed, angry, etc. My manager’s manager was fantastic about it, wanted to know all about the job, what it meant to me career wise, and then continued to sing my praise about how good a job I had done here.

2pm I got a phone call to say they had called my manager’s manager and that he had given me such a glowing report that there was no need to call my manager. They offered me the job and I accepted straight away. I’ll be starting in 3 weeks. Lawyer got a phone call as soon as I hung up.

I was lucky enough to find both my manager and his manager in the same office so I told them both at the same time that I got the job and I’d be leaving in 3 weeks.

Now I’ve been slowly telling people around the office that I’m out of there. It’s going to be sad to leave because this is one of the first places I’ve worked where I’ve felt really comfortable and accepted for who I am. I was always upfront and honest about my partner and I’ve never had any troubles because of it. I want to be sad about leaving, but I also want to be excited about having a new job.

After I told my co-workers, one of them joking today that they still might not let me go because they’re all out of token lesbians and short people in the office now. I’ll miss that, having people laughing with me about who I am, not at me in a malicious way.

But I will be glad to be rid off all the bullshit and office politics.