Okay, mis- quote from a favourite Science Fiction movie of mine, Contact.  But we are okay to go ahead with the donor boot camp.

D has given us a tentative date for when he’ll be back in the country, so I’ve called Melbourne IVF to make a date for the appointments (we can always change if his or our plans change). They’ve called us back, confirmed appointment times with counsellors and the Andrology department, and are getting the paperwork sent through to us. They’ve also booked Lawyer and me in for appointments to see a nurse who will be able to go through and explain the self-insemination process for us (to be sure we’re doing things the right way). We’ve been recommended to talk with our local IVF clinic who may be able to hold the goods during the quarantine period. D is getting a test on his swimmers, just to make sure they’re not swimming backwards or going in circles. In 6 weeks time we’ll be in Melbourne having lots of long talks, sitting in waiting rooms, and for D it’s going to be one big wan….k 😉

Can’t believe the time is almost here.

And it’s now that I’ve got a job interview with a Federal government department. Again looking for that nice pay rate and paid maternity leave. However it doesn’t give me much breathing space for trying to be working a year so I can actually get full paid maternity leave. There is every possibility that I could be 6 months pregnant by the time my one year of work comes around.

But I shouldn’t count my chickens before they are hatched. Or jobs are offered.