Yeah, I’m pretty grumpy right now and feeling flat. Not one big thing, just lots of little things.

2 months ago I applied for a job doing IT Helpdesk work. I got the interview, but there I found out the job was only a 6 month contract. Hmm, permanent position, or 6 month contract. Since part of the reason for the move is to get paid maternity leave and to get it I have to work there a year, I pulled my application. But I did get to have a fantastically confident interview, and I learnt a few things about myself, including that I do know my sh!t. So when I called up to cancel my interview, the HR woman told me about a permanent position coming up and that I should apply for it. I did. I got the interview. I ballsed it up royally. I stumbled through questions, I didn’t know answers, and basically I know why I didn’t get the job. So I’m still stuck here.

I’m coming up for the time when if I don’t have something new soon, then it might be too late. 3 months until D said he’s coming back. Then the 6 month wait. IF I get pregnant first try (a big IF), then I could be 3 months pregnant by the time the 1 year wait for getting maternity leave most businesses have is up. I really don’t want my job review chances being flaky because I’m pregnant. Yeah, legally they can’t do that, but they could always  find other reasons.

My next grumpy is caused by my boobs. Last week I realise that the should pains can be helped by wearing a cross-over bra strap to take some off the pressure off my shoulders. However after my last boob growth spurt, the only pair of bras that still fit and cross over are my sports bras. So I had to go shopping on the weekend. Went into a local department store because I knew they carried the brands that make larger sizes. After wandering around the intimate apparel section (gotta love those upmarket sounding names for things that proper ladies don’t talk about) for 10 minutes and get no help, so I stand in front of the counter where 4 staff members are having a gossip. Eventually one turns to me and asks if she could help me. I tell her I’m looking for a 10G with a cross-over strap. She looks at me and contemplates what I’ve asked for, then turns to the senior sales woman and asks her. The woman looks at me like it’s my fault I have big boobs and tells me ‘of course not.’ I felt like telling her ‘no, these aren’t implants, they are naturally grown boobs. Some people have them. I guess you’re not one of them.’ Grrr.

Despite being rather oblivious to homophobia around us, we had a small issue on the bus the other day. Lawyer was upset on the way to work (yeah, I was at fault), and I was apologising and comforting her on the bus. We were sitting on a seat that faces towards another seat, so we were facing two people other. I held Lawyer’s hand, and put an arm around her. The woman opposite us suddenly gets up from her seat and moves further down the bus away from us, and then stared at us. Lawyer and I had a laugh at what she did, it reminded me of this picture from ROFLRazzi. But her actions did throw me.
So I did what any geek would do. I posted it on Facebook, people commented, then a ‘friend’ responded with the last clanger. (names have been changed to protect the innocent, and not incriminate the stooopid)

Geek can’t believe the woman in the seat opposite us on the bus moved seats when Lawyer and I held hands. Ooga Booga! Coming to get you!
M:!!! wtf, did she think you had cooties or sumthin’?????
J: Gay is so the new swine flu. She gonna catch it.
C: You sure you put your deodorant on this morning?
L: If I had been there I would have f-ing punched her.
MS: how rude!!!! I hope karma gets her later today some time
L: people are so weird!
K: omg. really? what a flake!
T: Could it have possibly been a coincidence…perhaps need to give people the benefit of the doubt and not be quite so paranoid….and if the bus is so difficult to deal with I say take the car! Surely parking and petrol costs are a lot less than the drama you seem to find on the bloody public transport and the ridiculous $$ those multitrips cost…argh!

Am I overreacting over the last comment? Or is she just being rude?