The girls over at Two Moms with a Plan have been sharing some of their favourite memories. The one on their wedding proposal made me smile, and reminded me of how I proposed to Lawyer.

To set the scene, we were in a long distance relationship for a year before Lawyer moved cities to live with me. We got a 6 month lease on a unit, just in case we couldn’t stand living with each other. Seems we needn’t have worried.

After 3 months we adopted our furkid Frankie. We talked about marriage, but never said anything firm about it.

As spring approached, and our local Gay and Lesbian festival was near, I decided that the final day at Picnic in the Park would be the best place to propose, surrounded by our GLBTI family.

I bought the ring 4 days before, and never let it out of my reach. I took it to work in my pocket, and regularly patted it just to make sure.

The day was warm… bordering on hot (depends on if you ask me or Lawyer). We’d sat down and picnicked with friends, had a beer or two. Lawyer was feeling unwell because of the heat, despite sitting under trees down by the lake. She wanted to go home to the air-conditioner.

So I convinced her to come for a walk with me, we’d get an ice-cream (with me planning to divert along the path so I could propose). So Lawyer agreed, but when she got up she asked if anyone else wanted to join us to get ice-cream. I’m so glad no one else wanted to join us, otherwise I would have had to get that ice-cream! We walked around the lake, and got to a fork in the path to go to a more secluded part rather than towards the ice-cream. Lawyer complained, and I managed to convince her that it will be cooler, we can sit and dangle our feet in the water.

We sat under a weeping willow dangling over the lakes edge, feet in the water watching the picnickers over the other side of the lake, holding hands and talking about random things.

My heart was racing, and in a lull in the conversation I pulled the ring out of my pocket. The speech I had rehearsed in my head falls out of my ear and I manage to squeak out a rather pathetic “Honey…?”

Lawyer, equally as surprised and taken aback, replies with “Of course!” And there was much hugging and happy tears, and me terrified that I was shaking so much I’d drop the ring in the metre deep lake and have to jump into the duck droppings to get it out.

Eventually we walked back to our friends, sans ice-cream, and there was much celebrating and congratulating.

Later that day we got home and realised we should tell our parents. I rang mine to ask if we could drop by so I could tell them in person. Lawyer rang her parents as they live interstate. Her dad was so shocked that his response was “That’s nice dear. How’s work?” He rang back later to apologise, explaining that he was so surprised he didn’t know what to say. Have to admit my parents were rather shocked too and there was an awkward and uneasy silence, but they did break out some bubbly to celebrate once it had sunk in.

However, every year at Picnic in the Park Lawyer reminds me that she never got her ice-cream that day, and manages to get another one out of me.