Today is the anniversary of when Lawyer and I met. We were both attending the Queer Collaborations uni students conference and as you do at these things, you are there to meet and chat with people from all over the country. Lawyer and I drunkenly talked about Harry Potter. Finally I had found someone at this conference who was not going to just talk politics. Unfortunately during the evening Lawyer had to go to the toilet, and I got set upon by my friends who wanted to know about the girl I was talking to, and if I was interested in her. We didn’t meet up again that night 😦

Two nights later at the after party Lawyer found me, we started talking again, we started dancing, we started kissing, I took her back to my place 😉

Now as will go down in history, at this point I couldn’t remember Lawyer’s name. Until that point, everyone had been wearing name badges during the conference, and I relied upon them to remember names. At this point we’d tried catching a tram home, then had to get a taxi the rest of the way, and I had brought her up to the apartment my uni group were renting for the week. Sneakily I ask her to put her number in my phone and then quickly looked through my address book after to find the new number. It would have just been too embarrassing to ask her name by this time.

And now six years later, we survived a year of long distance relationship, moved into the rental unit from hell, got engaged, graduated from uni, got married, bought a house and we’re now planning to enlarge our family with children of our own. Wow!

So I’m off for a day of fun, togetherness and romancing. A nice long walk, maybe a river cruise to see dolphins, dinner at a nice restaurant and an evening of… well I’ll leave that for your imagination. And ours too 😉