Ye Olde "stick paper to your back and let people write nice things about you" game... while on skates!

Ye Olde "stick paper to your back and let people write nice things about you" game... while on skates! (Lawyer second from the left)

Derby Camp was good fun. It was cold, damp,  we ran out of toilet paper and I went on reconnaissance to the men’s toilet for any spare rolls, the drain outside the kitchen (and the drains in the kitchen sink) smelt like someone had taken a dump in it, and most people were excessively hung-over in the morning, and the showers barely worked, but it was great fun.

I spent a lot of the time helping out in the kitchen, which is fine for me because I love cooking, it kitchen had nice warm ovens to toast cold rears in front of, and the idea of being up on roller skates makes my stuffed knees ache. And given how many vegetarian, vegan and gluten intolerant people had to be catered for, it was good to have someone other than omnivores helping out. I mean, you don’t cut up the vegie quiche with the knife just used to cut the bacon quiche!

Just having a look through the fence at the cameraHaving a look through the fence at the camera

I was hoping to see some interesting wildlife while there, and the owner of the camp helps to rescue and rehabilitate injured kangaroos and wallabies. Unfortunately the only wildlife I got to see was two friendly emus that were running around in their own enclosure, not wild ones.  Lawyer thinks my definition of friendly is a very, very liberal use of the word. I think the term she used most weekend was f@$#in’ creepy. And a Derby girl commented when I went up to see them that they were eyeing off the grain-fed vegetarian as their next meal.

Just two emus

Just two emus

On slight TCC content, my friend with a bun in the oven due in September sent me a link to some fun things she found on Etsy. First was a crochet Fertility Statue and then Spermy. Hmmm, I think it’s time I learnt to do more than just crochet granny squares into big blankets.