People think I’m joking when I mention this day, but no, there is a day when knitters come out of the knitting closet and sit around in public and knit together. More information can be found here: World Wide Knit in Public Day

Alpaca Beanie I'll be wearing today

Alpaca Beanie I'll be wearing today

This is one of my favourite knitting days where our local knitting group try and recruit new members, and find a very visible place to knit. This year we’re knitting at the local cafe where we normally meet every Wednesday, except this time we’re dinning Al Fresco in the hopes of enticing those who walk past to join us knitting.

Although really to both of us every day is knit in public day. We knit on the bus to work every morning. I spend 15 minutes every lunch break knitting, and then on the way home we knit again too. I’ll even knit while standing in the bus queue to get home. We also meet up with our local knitting group, once a week at a cafe, and every fortnight on Sunday at a local pub. Ahh, beer, knitting, fireplace. Could you ask for anything more?

So I’m encouraging everyone who knits to get out there in public and knit, and for those who want to learn to find a local group, turn up with needles and wool and see who will help you cast on.