Despite a year of waiting before we being trying to inseminate, my body still continues with it’s monthly business. The cramps, the moods and messy days, all make me thankful because it means that when we’re ready, so is my body.
And I’m using this waiting time to learn when the ideal time to inseminate will be. This one one of the few things I do still use from my high school sex-ed classes. Ovulation- the perfect time for a married man and woman to have baby making sex… did I mention I went to an all girls catholic school? Screws with your head a bit!
So at the moment I’ve been learning to chart my temperature and (warning- TMI time!) my cervical mucus- which thanks to the TV show Scrubs, is referred to as Icky Sticky. The two links on this blog for PreConceptions and Fertility Friend have all my info in there, cycle predictions and a range of strange, yet related information. At the moment it all points towards right now is peak baby making time.

I so wish Lawyer could get me pregnant!

Hei-Tiki Greenstone carving from New Zealand

Hei-Tiki Greenstone carving from New Zealand

While in New Zealand on honeymoon we were surrounded by lots of fantastic Maori carvings and artwork.

Each tourist trap had a selection, but this particular carving caught my attention. He’s a hei-tiki and is considered a good luck charm as well as a fertility symbol. There are a list of different carvings and their meanings here.

I don’t know if you’d call it co-incidental timing, or something more powerful, but my period was due while we were away, but not until the Monday, maybe Tuesday. I bought my tiki on Sunday morning in Rotorua and put it on straight away.That afternoon Aunt Flow turned up. Maybe he is helping my fertility. Along with my Onyx charm, he now lives around my neck.