This morning I logged onto my email from work to find a page full of emails from various people on the glbt-knit list, all with the same subject line, Sad News. I scroll down to the first email to find out what has happened, only to learn that long time list member Witt Pratt died overnight. Wow, just like that. Went to sleep one night and didn’t wake up. Whatever afterlife he believes in, I hope there are sheep, alpacas and angora bunnies there.

It made me think, what happens to the online presence when the real life person passes? Often we’re on here anonymously, under assumed names, with sketchy details of where we live and how to contact us. What happens to all the online places we frequent, how does the message get out that the blogger, email list member or twitter has died.

Makes you wonder about all the abandoned blogs, unused Facebook accounts, and when someone on an email list just disappears.