Well, the medical journey is starting. Seems that we’ll be the proud owners of a dog in two weeks time as the friend that has him is having problems with him and her other dog. As we’re travelling to Melbourne for him, we thought we’d make the first appointment to get sperm storage.

Despite only needing sperm storage we need an appointment with one of their fertility doctors, the counselling sessions, when the donor gets back we go into for basically a donation boot camp, an intensive week of a second counselling session for us, and then counselling and Andrology appoints with blood tests for him, as well as a lot of ‘tugging’ 😉

So on May 15th we have our first doctors appointment. Counselling will be a month later. Or we can have them together in June. Since we’re going to Melbourne in two weeks we may as well see the doctor then.

I’m currently waiting back from the donor relations woman to find out when and how we get the ethics committee to make a decision on whether we can use the sperm due to the small complication. The option is do they make a decision now, when we’ve had our first doctors appointment, when the donor comes in for his part, or after the 6 months quarantine. I want an answer ASAP, no point wasting time if the answer is no.

So nervous. Waiting and watching the phone for it to ring. Thankfully there is an empty office near me due to a staff member being away sick, so I’ve been running in there regularly to take phone calls. Last thing I want my manager to overhear is conversations about sperm storage.

Ring, damn you phone. Ring!


The Answer is YES
We can use our donor!

Provided he stays healthy and STD free, there is nothing stopping him from being our donor, well apart from being half a world away.

<doing a happy dance around the office>